Information To Go—How Salespeople Can Benefit Using Custom Flash Drives

Salespeople spend most of their time soliciting new business. Their efforts typically include lengthy presentations designed to promote the value of the company and the products or services it offers. This process can become boring for even the most enthusiastic salesperson and this will become evident when the presentation is made. To make each customer feel the most essential, salesmen can join custom glimmer crashes into their endeavors.

A thorough sales presentation takes between 30 and 60 minutes, with a question and answer session following this. Salespeople must add enough time for traveling between prospective customer sites and some time to return calls and emails and take a brief break. This means that the typical salesperson can make no more than four, possibly five, presentations in one day. By the time the individual reaches the last meeting site, he or she is usually burnt out. Repeating this process day after day has less than stellar results.

A different, and more effective, the approach would be to use the meeting time to highlight the most important details of the presentation. The salesperson can order personalized flash drives and load the full presentation onto these, leaving a drive for each client at the end of the meeting. To get more information about the points touched on in the meeting, clients view the files on the drive. With this method, salesperson and client time is not wasted and clients can review the presentation at their leisure.

In addition to saving time, this approach saves money. The cost of these drives is a great deal not as much as the cost of lost profitability because of an extensive deals meeting. When drives are ordered in bulk, the cost is reduced even further and salespeople receive the added bonus of being able to personalize the drives with the contact information, company name, their name. Clients spend most of their day focusing on their own business, utilizing break or nightfall time to audit the business introduction on the drive.

Time is money for salespeople, so being able to shorten presentation times increases the potential profitability of each day. By being able to visit more customers within a given day, salespeople can make more overall sales. Every prospect gets the personal touch and the salesperson has more opportunities to increase the paycheck, creating a winning situation for all involved.

Salespeople can even use custom flash drives as pre-meeting handouts, providing them to prospective customers at the time the meeting is scheduled. By the time the salesperson arrives for the meeting, the prospect will be well-versed in the company and what it is offering. This will allow the meeting to progress quickly because prospects can use the time to get answers to questions raised by the presentation they viewed.


Protect Your PC with 20 tips for Debugging and Crash solutions

  • Installing the right and efficient Anti-Virus protection shield software.
  • Always keep yourself informed about the latest technology i.e. applications which could prevent your PC from getting infected by a virus and Trojan errors.
  • Your laptop and PC will always keep periodically updating Windows; hence when the ‘install updates’ box opens, never cancel the update option.
  • Ensure that your service browsers are original software oriented and not pirated.
  • Regular ‘Disk Clean’ up with respect to C drive is very important; hence make sure that your space, storage and all programs installed on that drive are safeguarded from a crash.
  • Avoid downloads, uploads and software installments which are not insured, licensed and may have a virus connected to them.
  • Regularly delete cookies, browsing history, your saved cache data such that unwanted software downloads are removed from the PC.
  • The hardware devices you use should have original software installments; maintain regular updates.
  • In the case of a sudden hardware failure, check if its software is an original and make sure your USB ports do not defect.
  • Be conscious of the differences between Virus, Adware, and Spyware hence you must make yourselves vary about what a virus is and how to deal with it etc.
  • Always purchase software, try not downloading them from the internet or trying a trial version of their systems.
  • Be aware when you open/ check your emails since some of them come under ‘Spam’ mail and may contain undetected malfunctions.
  • Make changes in your email and text settings since viruses in that form cannot enter Windows.
  • Avoid using peer to peer file sharing programs which consist of software like Limewire,  Morpheus,  Bearshare etc.
  • Don’t load any data from the internet based websites; most of which contain viruses attached in their texts and links.
  • Always maintain a firewall protection shield on your computers, for example, use a firewall like Zone Alarm.
  • Prevent installing more than one virus removal program on your Windows.
  • Always ensure that you have a backup criterion installed within the PC in case it crashes.
  • Make sure the settings of your systems like Microsoft are changed with respect to saving your lost files in case the windows hang.
  • Never unplug devices abruptly; make use of safety removal software which is normally installed on your PC system.

Always make sure that the above-mentioned precautions are taken into serious consideration and that you apply them to maintain your operating system. The internet is galore of codes and cookies which can breach your firewalls and hence destroy its efficiency, therefore, a periodic maintenance is always advised by your technicians.

PC Makers Wont Be Allowed to Sell Windows 7 PCs after October 2016

Microsoft has recently announced that PC makers are won’t allowed to ship or sell PCs with Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 pre-installed from October 2016. That means that buyers will not get Windows 7 pre-installed with the PCs after this time frame. They only have to use Windows 10 if they want to use a Windows operating system.

Microsoft has been quietly updated its Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet page to note that October 31 is the last date on which manufacturers can sell new computers with Windows 7 (specifically, the Professional SKU for OEMs) pre-installed on them. Interestingly enough, the end-of-sales date for Windows 8 laptops will arrive sooner than that as per the date mentioned in the sheet, the end-of-sales date for the three-year-old operating system is set to June 30, 2016.

Microsoft usually sets the end-of-sales date for a Windows version two years after the release of the version that immediately succeeds it. But the company had to make an exception after the release of Windows 8 due to poor demand of the operating system.

After launching of Windows 10, Microsoft has been criticized by its awful strategy of product management, especially Windows 10. However, Microsoft hasn’t told yet the reason behind this announcement.

According to the latest news in various media, Windows 10 now power 8 percent of all computers across the globe, according to the data provided by marketing research firm Net Applications. Windows 7 continues to dominate the chart with 55.71 percent capture, whereas Apples OS X El Capitan has a share of 2.18 percent.

Microsoft was literally supposed to end the sales of Windows 7 in October 2014, but it later extended it for Professional (OEM) SKUs. Do note that the extended support lifecycle of Windows 7 remains changed January 14, 2020.

The change represents a vote of confidence from Microsoft management that businesses are willing to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It also means they’re betting that consumer acceptance of the newest OS release will be solidly positive.


So, if you are willing to purchase a brand new PC with Windows operating system in near future, you must aware of this news. After October 2015 you will only get an option of Windows 10. So, if you are enthusiastic about Windows 7 then make sure you brought a PC before October 2015. We also encourage you to express your opinion on this. Just drop a comment below.