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PC Makers Wont Be Allowed to Sell Windows 7 PCs after October 2016

Microsoft has recently announced that PC makers are won’t allowed to ship or sell PCs with Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 pre-installed from October 2016. That means that buyers will not get Windows 7 pre-installed with the PCs after this time frame. They only have to use Windows 10 if they want to use a Windows operating system.

Microsoft has been quietly updated its Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet page to note that October 31 is the last date on which manufacturers can sell new computers with Windows 7 (specifically, the Professional SKU for OEMs) pre-installed on them. Interestingly enough, the end-of-sales date for Windows 8 laptops will arrive sooner than that as per the date mentioned in the sheet, the end-of-sales date for the three-year-old operating system is set to June 30, 2016.

Microsoft usually sets the end-of-sales date for a Windows version two years after the release of the version that immediately succeeds it. But the company had to make an exception after the release of Windows 8 due to poor demand of the operating system.

After launching of Windows 10, Microsoft has been criticized by its awful strategy of product management, especially Windows 10. However, Microsoft hasn’t told yet the reason behind this announcement.

According to the latest news in various media, Windows 10 now power 8 percent of all computers across the globe, according to the data provided by marketing research firm Net Applications. Windows 7 continues to dominate the chart with 55.71 percent capture, whereas Apples OS X El Capitan has a share of 2.18 percent.

Microsoft was literally supposed to end the sales of Windows 7 in October 2014, but it later extended it for Professional (OEM) SKUs. Do note that the extended support lifecycle of Windows 7 remains changed January 14, 2020.

The change represents a vote of confidence from Microsoft management that businesses are willing to migrate from Windows 7 to Windows 10. It also means they’re betting that consumer acceptance of the newest OS release will be solidly positive.


So, if you are willing to purchase a brand new PC with Windows operating system in near future, you must aware of this news. After October 2015 you will only get an option of Windows 10. So, if you are enthusiastic about Windows 7 then make sure you brought a PC before October 2015. We also encourage you to express your opinion on this. Just drop a comment below.