Pros and Cons of Induction Cooking

Induction cooking is smart of way cooking in a present day. It helps you cook food faster and hassle-free. It generates power and precision of induction which comes from an electromagnetic field which directly heats up the pan. However, the best gas stove is also available in the market as well.

Induction as a cooking option is appreciated among users as it cooks faster and releases less heat in the process. And, recently prices for induction cooking have been coming down lately, although the cooktops still range still tend to cost a bit more than electric smooth tops.

Pros and Cons of Induction Cooking

Though there is best gas stove on the market still when you use cooktop that works like induction, it gives instant heat. We’re not against gas stoves but then with technology, quicker is better.

  • With induction technology, there is no waste present. The best part about induction cookware is that it doesn’t heat up the whole surface of the cooktop. This makes it 70% more efficient than traditional electric or gas cooking.
  • Cleaning up any sort of cooktop can be a taxing process. But with induction cooking that’s not the case. Since food cannot be cooked as the surface is cool and can be wiped off with a simple damp cloth.
  • Safety is one the most imperative feature when you’re cooking especially with children around. As you take the pan off from induction, it gets off automatically and makes it a lot safer to use.


  • Induction cooktops are more on the expensive side than traditional electric ones. However, a lot of technology goes into the making of it. Here’ why it is a lot better and faster in the performance.
  • Power can be a matter of concern, be careful while looking at the wattage of any induction

Since we know all the benefits and limitations that induction cooking brings along. We leave up to you to decide what technology is right for you. Cooking should be as fun as eating so pick what works in your best interest.