Shiki Kurobane is among the romanceable demons in the game. His special capability is psychic control and also is displayed to be an excellent with technology. He would certainly be described as a kuudere. Who who’s distant and blunt v their words. Hell, once MC made decision Shiki as her guardian, Shiki conveniently refused. Though, he gets embarrassed an extremely easily (I forgot he blushed so countless times!) and doesn’t open up up come others.

To begin off, MC’s factor for wanting to stay alive for 10 an ext days is since she desires to confess to she crush/coworker, Susumu. While it’s not as heartfelt as her reason from Kakeru or Haruhito’s route, it noted fun scenes. The route had actually less Susumu scenes than I remembered, yet I would say it has actually a kind amount where you can get an idea on why MC has actually a like on him. Though, also if every MC had actually to perform was confess come Susumu, that took longer than it have to for a couple of reasons.( ̄ω ̄;) Which offers MC and Shiki one excuse to bond.

Shiki might be distant, the didn’t take lengthy for him and also MC to gain along. They ended up being friends faster than i remembered! while it was a small fast, the didn’t feel rushed for me. Shiki and also MC had much more of a cute friendship about the start of the route, and also didn’t revolve romantic until around half, close to the finish of the route. The flowed quite nicely in spite of MC not making use of all she 10 days prior to realizing she feelings for Shiki. I was fear MC falling because that Shiki would certainly be rushed since she wanted to confess to someone else. Though, to mine surprise, MC falling out of she crush in the direction of Susumu was well done.(b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b i beg your pardon is because that the finest anyway because MC got told she has poor taste in guys twice through the demons after ~ they experienced Susumu._(:3 」∠)_

This is a an extremely straightforward route, to it is in honest. Over there wasn’t lot drama or occasions in this route. The only concentrates were Shiki bond and also trying to confess prior to day 10. Us don’t also go come the Demon Realm, hide indigenous angels, or anything choose that. We perform go a tiny deep right into Shiki’s backstory. Which gives a factor to why that doesn’t trust others easily and his absence of smile. That doesn’t acquire too deep right into it, though. The route does get some drama whereby Shiki gets in trouble roughly the close to end, however I felt that the path wrapped up the drama a tiny too… ‘nicely’? I’m not sure how to placed it, but it felt choose there to be no point in do me feel like there were any kind of high stakes if Shiki got off that conveniently in the end.

Aside indigenous that, I took pleasure in this route. This is route for you if girlfriend want mainly fluff. Shiki has actually a lot of cute and also even heartfelt moments.(´ ω `♡) i remember him gift my peak favs earlier then, however I’d say ns still love him. The means he reflects romantic interest towards MC is simply too cute! MC was likewise pretty good and found her funny from time come time.

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This route had actually some components that do me chuckle whether it to be unintentional or not. If you’re interested in Shiki or want something with much less drama, then I’d say provide this path a read!(^ヮ^)/