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Yea i no it"s against FCC to transmit yet from what I recognize truckers are buying 10meter radios and also having them convert to CB channels. I"ve searched the CB sites yet they just refer to it together a conversion. What do you know around this? I recognize that these radios recive better and transmitt about 25 watts. Once they are converted carry out the chanel indicators present the actuall CB frequency or execute they display the appropriate chanel. Is this they way to go to gain a better radio. Ns run with a team that depends on CB comunications off road and would prefer the best I deserve to get. Mine old uniden is needing replacing and would favor to know about these 10meter counter radios and how castle operate.
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They present the frequency. Examine out the Magnum S-9 v the blue lighting
friend only have to adjust 1 jumper and also works awesome! you really have to tune it through the antenna. The K-40 antenna or a Firestick with a proper ground airplane seems to be a good combo.

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I have a Galaxy DX99V. It"s a 10 meter rig yet the very first band is the 40 CB channels. Over there are lots of these rigs the end there, they exist in that grey area of illegality where people look the other way when selling them. They come with attributes only of use to CBers, like voice transforming mics. So, they room basically bootleg, manufacturing facility ready high strength CBs.The DX99V and models comparable to that operate just as any kind of other full-featured CB radio. If you continue to be in the CB band, you have actually essentially dual or much more of transmit strength of standard rigs. Many of this rigs likewise have SSB and also FM infection modes. The recent DV95T2 and also DX48 room out-of-the-box capable of 50W top top am, and also 200W PEP ~ above SSB. A most models can be discovered here. Look because that "Export" in the summary of the assorted brands because that the enhanced models.
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