Peoples Auction Company is situated in Virginia state. Top top the street the Head of river Road and street number is 1340. To interact or ask something v the place, the call number is (757) 421-2525. You deserve to get much more information from your website. The coordinates that you have the right to use in navigating applications to acquire to find Peoples Auction firm quickly room 36.6234016 ,-76.154335

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(February 21, 2021, 1:42 am)

We required to clean 30 yrs that family accumulation quickly to offer our home. The would’ve taken us a year to sell it every ourselves. Chelsea People’s was so professional, arranged & compassionate. She has an great team the workers who made this all possible in a just 3 mainly from begin to finish. Save in mind that we had TONS of ingredient to sort, catalog, market & take it away. This to be nothing short of a miracle! we were how amazing pleased with the proceeds the the digital auction brought. We wouldn’t have made a fraction of what they acquired for us, had we done it on ours own. If you have to sell or liquidate anything, perform yourself a donate & call her for a free consultation. She has an eye for the worth of her items & spots prizes that you might think no one would certainly want. We collection a brand-new record through them top top the number of active bidders & winners. Like I stated .....

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We had a lot of STUFF. We will certainly recommend them to anyone that will stand still long sufficient to hear our story