Value has increased because that the 2005 Kansas State 4 minutes 1 Error because its initial discovery. These soldier displaying the “In God we Rust” error are selling from $5 come $20 ~ above Ebay. The much better the all at once condition that this coin, the an ext it’s worth.

This specific Kansas state 4 minutes 1 is well circulated, but the error is also well defined and also can be seen clearly just through the naked eye. This quarters through this error space still being uncovered in circulation and the sold listings top top Ebay show they’re worth above face worth to error coin collectors. I discovered this one while looking through a crate of soldier I had derived from a neighborhood bank.

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According come The Spruce Crafts, “Like all mechanically machines, a lubricant is necessary in the coin press to prevent the steel parts from leading to friction to each other. In the event of this coin’s strike, some lubricating grease had actually escaped native the machine onto the surface ar of the coin die and also plugged increase the letter T in TRUST. With the T plugged, as soon as the coin die struck the planchet, it prevented the T from being transferred to the surface ar of the coin. This type of error is referred to as a struck through grease to fill die (or just “filled die”) error.”

Struck v grease or filled dice errors are common. What makes a coin through this error rarely or valuable is the figure of it because of the error.

“The 4th quarter released in 2005 honors the 34th state: Kansas. The state, which joined the Union on January 29, 1861, take away its name from the American Indian tribe called “Kansa” definition “people the the south wind.”

The Kansas quarter features a buffalo and also a sunflower, two of the state’s most beloved symbols. Both the buffalo and the sunflower were uncovered throughout Kansas in the mid-1800s once Kansas ended up being a state.

The state animal of Kansas, the buffalo — actually, the American bison — offered to roam throughout north America. There is likely no other animal as closely linked to the American West in the psychic of human being all end the world. This coin to be the second circulating coin of 2005 to carry an image of the buffalo, v the very first being a nickel.

The sunflower is the state flower that Kansas and also the communication of that is nickname, “the Sunflower State.” Sunflowers are among the largest annual flowers around, although they likewise come in smaller forms. Their seeds nourish numerous kinds the wildlife and people.” – USMINT

More than simply “W” produced quarters to be released right into circulation as part of The good American Coin Hunt, and also they are all extremely valuable!

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