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gps coordinates are developed by two materials that room a latitude , offering the north-south position, and also a longitude, providing the east-west position.

Use this map to transform any address in its general practitioners coordinates. Girlfriend can additionally find the location of any type of GPS coordinates, and also geocode its address if available.

Latitude definition

The latitude that a point is the measurement of the angle created by the equatorial airplane with the line connecting this point to the center of the Earth. By construction, it is comprised in between -90 ° and also 90 °. An adverse values ​​are because that the southern hemisphere locations, and latitude is worth 0 ° in ~ the equator.

Longitude definition

The principle is the exact same for the longitude, through the distinction that over there is no natural reference like the equator for the latitude. Longitude reference has actually been arbitrarily collection at the Greenwich Meridian (it passes through the royal Greenwich Observatory in Greenwich in the suburbs of London), and also the longitude the a allude is the measure up of the angle developed by the fifty percent plane formed by the axis the the earth and also passes with the Greenwich meridian and also the half-plane formed by the axis of the earth and passing through the point.

A third component

cautious readers would have actually alreay noticed that a third element is required to locate a point, its altitude. In the most usual use cases, GPS works with are essential for locations on the surface ar of the Earth, making this 3rd parameter much less important. However, it is as vital as the latitude and longitude to define a complete and accurate general practitioners location.

Multiple geodetic solution for geography coordinates

together we saw, the over definitions take right into account numerous parameters that must be solved or determined for future reference: - the equator aircraft and the design choser for the shape of the earth, - a set of recommendation points, - the position of the center of the Earth, - the planet axis, - the referral meridian. These five criteria space the basis of the various geodetic systems offered through history. Currently, the most generally used geodetic device is WGS 84 (used significantly for general practitioners coordinates).

GPS works with measurement units

The two main units the measurement space the decimal and also sexagesimal coordinates.

Decimal coordinates

The latitude and also longitude space a decimal number, v the complying with characteristics: - latitude in between 0° and also 90°: northern hemisphere, - latitude between 0° and -90°: southerly hemisphere, - longitude between 0° and also 180°: eastern of the Greenwich meridian, - longitude in between 0° and also -180°: West of the Greenwich meridian,

Sexagesimal coordinates

The sexagesimal coordinates have three components: degrees, minutes and also seconds. Every of these components is usually an integer, but the seconds have the right to be a decimal number in situation of require of a greater precision. One edge degree has 60 edge minutes and one angule minute is composed of 60 angle secs of arc. Unlike decimal works with the sexagesimal collaborates can no be negative. In their case, the letter W or E is included to the longitude come specify the position east-west from the Greenwich meridian, and the letter N or S come the latitude to designate the hemisphere (North or South).

Correlation table

Decimal coordinates Sexagesimal coordinates
Latitude Longitude Latitude Longitude
0° to 90° 0° to 180° N E
0° come 90° 0° come -180° N W
0° to -90° 0° to 180° S E
0° to -90° 0° come -180° S W

Latitude and also longitude finder

~ above the website homepage, when you enter works with in among the layouts (on the left column), castle are immediately converted come the other format.

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Also, once you visualize an resolve on the map, or after clicking on a suggest on the map, its works with in the two units are displayed in the left column.