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my Amber 's "FOREVER 21". Just being in the keep takes me earlier to exorbitant memories of my plenty of different jobs, working at THE shopping center . That reminds me of mine youth. Young, slim & trendy! Siempre 21...
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This is the worst company I ever ordered from. The is noticeable why they space in bankruptcy. Customer organization Is rude and also not helpful. They perform not deliver items together promised. Never ever received item on...
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ns really didn't desire to give not one star however it's required to post this review. Ns am really dissatisfied v a current experience I had shopping online with this firm after many many year of...
ns ordered a bunch that stuff for a shoot, paid because that express delivery and it is now 2 days LATE. I have repeatedly tried to get response from Forever 21. Ns have called with one "expected speak to back...
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extremely dissatisfied v this company's return policy and also they go about informing their customers. I am a frequent customer through the online app and also lately I've been making use of forever 21's afterpay...

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Forever 21 is a privately held company that operates various clothing stores in the joined States, Canada, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, China and United Arab Emirates. The stores market casual tops, sweaters, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, coats and jackets. The firm s stores additionally sell a range of accessories, such as jewelry, bags, wallets, sunglasses, shoes, belts, hats and scarves. Additionally, Forever 21 provides online gift cards because that customers. The firm sells assets under the Forever 21, legacy 1981, Twelve by Twelve, faith 21 and also Love 21 brands. It supplies shipping services throughout the world. The firm provides online shopping and payment options.