Asian Massage great Day Spa is situated in Maricopa ar of Arizona state. ~ above the street of north 43rd Avenue and also street number is 6242. To interact or asking something through the place, the phone number is (623) 847-0747. You have the right to get much more information from your website. The works with that you can use in navigation applications to obtain to find oriental Massage an excellent Day Spa quickly are 33.5270525 ,-112.1519837

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(January 17, 2020, 7:42 pm)

Once again I checked out this spa for a an excellent massage. Cacao did mine massage. Ns asked because that her. She has actually helped me before and constantly satisfies. She speak a small English and is very friendly. The massage lasted for the complete hour. The save is an extremely clean and also accommodating.

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There are shower facilities accessible but I have never do the efforts them. One point I didn"t care for this time was the smell of food cooking while i was there.