In 19.1 secure the fun Pimps added 3 brand-new vehicles. This to add them come the respawning the the modlet. If you are using a19 the one below that functions for a18.3 will job-related for it.

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A18.3 steady b4 variation of vehicle respawner.(This version also works v a19.0 secure release.) also respawns buses and army truck. Anabella has changed it to not usage an waiting block and to be among the wheels through rim laying on soil so the you deserve to tell it is not a regular tire to chop. She additionally used metal material so that it take away a couple of more hits to destroy it. Damaging will stop the car respawning for anyone wanting to construct where the vehicles are.

Has to be checked and works because that 19.2, 19.3 and also 19.4.

Download for A19.1, A19.2, A19.3 & A19.4Download because that A19.0 & A18

The forum object of the mode is here.

Credits: Anabella

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