This article will overview you v the process of uploading an already existing singleplayer 7 Days to Die world onto her server. This method can additionally be a far better alternative to generating a large world on a headless server. The human being generation is often much faster on your house PC, whereby it can split the processing load in between your GPU and also your CPU, vice versa, on a headless server, it just has access to a CPU.

Find the "Saves" Folder of her Existing Game

The very first thing to carry out is to uncover the save place for her world. The default location is c:Users(your computer username)AppDataRoaming7 Days to Die. There"s 2 folders of attention here. The GeneratedWorlds and Saves folders.

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Let"s take it a look inside the saves folder first. If girlfriend have more than one people generated on her PC, you"ll require to find which one of your human beings you"d like to upload. In this instance case, it will be ehayu Server. Create a zip document of your human being (Zehayu territory for this example).


Go earlier and look in ~ the GeneratedWorlds folder. Inside there will certainly be comparable looking folders. They have other vital information the relate to your world. Make a zip record of the corresponding people folder (Zehayu Terrirtory in our example).

Upload the Zipped save Folders to her Server

Now, upload her zip records into the appropriate folders in her file Manager. You can do this by utilizing the "Upload" button in the document manager, dragging and also dropping straight into the paper manager, or via FTP.

The zip paper you developed in c:Users(your computer username)AppDataRoaming7 Days to DieSaves will go into the /saves folder in your paper manager. Select the zip file, then pick the "Unzip" button.


The zip paper you produced in c:Users(your computer username)AppDataRoaming7 Days to DieGeneratedWorlds will go into the /.local/share/7DaysToDie/GeneratedWorlds folder in your file manager. Unzip this paper as well.

In order because that the .local folder to be present, the server should be totally started one time after setting the Game human being to RWG in video game Settings>Gamemode Settings.


As you can see from these screenshots, you can have multiple civilizations saved on her server that you have the right to swap in between by transforming a couple of settings.

Change the settings to usage the exactly World

Now the your human being save has actually been uploaded to the server, we need to adjust a pair settings because that it to pack the save quite than generate another one.

Method 1: usage NodePanel

Navigate come the left-hand side of your Panel and also select the "Game Settings" page, then the "Gamemode Settings" tab near the top. Change both the Game World and also Game Name text fields to load up her world. In our example, the Game civilization is "Zehayu Territory", and the game Name is " Server". This will complement the folder surname in her /saves folder. Don"t forget to push the Save button at the bottom the the page!


Method 2: edit server_config.xml

You can also manually set the server to fill your people in the server_config.xml file. This record is normally uncovered in the main catalog of your paper manager.


Edit both the GameWorld and GameName setting to match the folders in your /saves folder.

In our example, these setups look like:


Don"t forget to push the Save button in the top right section of the file editor!

You"re currently all collection to start your server! If everything was done correctly, you"ll have the ability to play on her singleplayer world with her friends.

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