Whether you traveling, working, need assistance complying with the vaccine mandate and COVID-19 monitoring testing, or have actually simply been exposed, us can assist you discover which COVID-19 check is finest for you.

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ARCpoint MD Telehealth Services

Safe access to a medical professional from the comfort of her home.

Protect her loved ones from potential exposure!


Only $16/month per household; publication anytime!

Reliable & practically Lab trial and error Options

ARCpoint Labs that Irving is one of the nation’s leaders in drug testing, alcohol screening, DNA & clinical laboratory testing, corporate well-being programs and also employment/background screening. Us are among the more quickly growing third Party service providers in the drug trial and error industry. Providing the most an extensive menu that screening services and employment solutions, ARCpoint Labs the Irving remains abreast that the latest technological trends and also improvements in the drug testing industry come ensure you have actually the outcomes you need.

Qualified & Trained

Our activities technicians in Irving room certified and also trained in accordance with 49CFR part 40 (Part 40), measures for transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol trial and error Programs. The federal requirements of part 40 ensure finest practices and also establish training requirements for both urine collection and also breath alcohol technicians in ~ the drug trial and error industry. ARCpoint Labs the Irving staff has credentialed professionals, pass the greatest standards that training come ARCpoint Labs and its client base.


Nationally Recognized and also Affiliated

ARCpoint Labs the Irving is nationally recognized and also affiliated with the Drug and also Alcohol trial and error Industry association (DATIA) and also Substance Abuse regimen Administrators combination (SAPAA). ARCpoint has also developed a an extensive drug and also alcohol testing program combine the aspects of both commonwealth mandated and non-mandated testing.

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The solutions at our Irving location incorporate both onsite and also offsite pre-employment, random, post-accident and reasonable skepticism drug testing. In enhancement to our workplace and also wellness testing capabilities, we serve plenty of judicial, athletic, and medical clients throughout the unified States.


Lab Information

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