In the song, Morris opens up up with a few words top top reliability and also ride quality, saying “ Still operation good, developed to last. Moves favor a hula girl ~ above the dash.”

She then continues her automobile Review Disguised together A Music Video, talking about what it’s favor living with the 380 SL everyday, speak “She ain’t produced practicality,” and also ultimately ends by noting the car’s street presence, saying “Turning every head, hell ns ain’t even trying.”

In a lot of ways, Morris was spot on. MotorWeek’s man Davis agrees that the car isn’t exactly the most practical also if the does have a usable trunk, saying the internal is “wide, if short,” and that there’s “not quite enough legroom” in spite of there just being a package tray behind the front seats. He also mentions the car’s “low” fuel economic climate of 17 MPG city and also 22 highway.

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As because that ride quality, Davis says the 380 SL is “smooth,” which might or might not mean that it “moves prefer a hula girl ~ above the dash.” To it is in honest, I have no clue.

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As because that Morris’s words on reliability and also street presence, she and John Davis space in complete agreement. This is what Davis says:

There’s probably no more sturdy, distinctive, yet conservative looking vehicle on the roadway today than this shining red ego trip. And it was a trip that many of united state will never ever forget.

Damn, who knew Maren Morris might review cars prefer a boss? ns for one, am all for an ext songs favor this, despite it’d be nice if she pointed out the car’s tendency to oversteer, and also its wonderful brakes that just take 99 feet to protect against from 55 MPH.