Employ Florida Marketplace connects project seekers and also employers. It has links to task training and also education. Contact the office for an ext information or see the website.

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For project Seekers:

Conduct and save job searchesConnect to regional workforce expertsCreate a resumeFind maintain programsReceive automatic job notificationsResearch career and wage information

For Businesses:

Connect to neighborhood workforce expertsPost and manage task openingsLearn around training grant opportunitiesResearch labor market informationSearch candidates through skills, experience or region

Additional Locations:9350 only Plaza Blvd, Suite 121Tampa, FL 33619Phone: 813.930.7832

9215 N. Florida Ave.Suite 101Tampa, FL 33566Phone: 813.930.7400

2001 E Cherry StreetPlant City, FL 33563Phone: 813.930.7880

Service Location

5100 W Kennedy Blvd. Suite 300Tampa, FL 33609United States





The Florida department of economic Opportunity helps the Governor. The aid is to breakthrough the state’s economy. They offer both administrative and program guidance because that workforce programs. The team offerings incorporate workforce, and employment services. Welfare solutions are available as well. These solutions are ceded by the regional workforce boards across the state. I beg your pardon is done through neighborhood CareerSource Florida centers. The programs and services aid citizens and communities. And they also help businesses and visitors come the state. Please speak to or visit the website for much more information.


107 eastern Madison StreetCaldwell BuildingTallahassee , FL 32399United States


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For FY 2021-2022, 48% the the total costs for the Right business at the ideal Time ($60,797) is sustained by federal money; 51.8% of this task ($65,375) is sustained by local funding. The total budget plan of the task is $126,172.

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For FY 2021-2022, 48% that the complete costs because that the Right organization at the ideal Time ($60,797) is sustained by federal money; 51.8% that this project ($65,375) is supported by local funding. The total budget of the task is $126,172.