The length of the side of an it is intended triangle that is circumscribed through a circle v radius r is s = r sqrt(3)so s = (6) sqrt(3)then the formula for the area of an it is intended triangle isA = sqrt(3) (s^2) / 4substitute the worth of s in the equationA = sqrt(3) ( (6) sqrt(3))^2 /4A = 46.77 sq in 

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The is 108



An arts teacher is organizing his supplies. If he has 134 paintbrushes and he desires to put 8 pen in each cup, how many cups w
Segment an is the altitude to next BC in ΔABC. If abdominal muscle = 3NC and AN = 2NC, prove the AC = BN. (Hint: use variables in together proble :

The proof is as complies with :

Step-by-step explanation:

Let NC = x

⇒ abdominal = 3x and AN = 2x

In Δ ABN, By utilizing Pythagoras theorem,

AB² = BN² + AN²

⇒ BN² = AB² - AN²

⇒ BN² = (3x)² - (2x)²

⇒ BN² = 5x²

⇒ BN = x√5 .......................(1)

Now in ΔANC , making use of Pythagoras theorem us have,

AC² = NC² + AN²

⇒ AC² = x² + (2x)²

⇒ AC² = 5x²

⇒ AC = x√5 ....................(2)

From equations (1) and also (2) us get,

AC = BN , which is our compelled result

I discover a key of fancy Christmas candies​ (only red and​ green) that were surprise from me in the home one day. I quickly grab

The probability that the emerging the event is 0.01632 approximately

Step-by-step explanation:

Consider the provided information.

We have actually selected 5 red candies and also no green ones.​ Let"s speak there were 6 green and 7 red liquid in the bowl prior to discovery.

Therefore the total number of candies space 6+7=13

I have actually selected 5 red candies the end of 7 red candies.

Thus, the probability of choosing 5 red candies and also no environment-friendly candies is:



Hence, the probability of the developing the event is 0.01632 approximately

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Luke put 130 trading cards in a protector sheets that fills 7 sheets and put the remaining four cards in the eighth paper eac
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18. You can subtract 4 indigenous 130 and then division 126 through 7.
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