A Hat gradually - cap Guide

This guide describes what hats are available in the game, what castle do, once they have the right to be gotten and also various tips and also tricks concerning their use.


Unlocking Hats

When starting the game, the player is just in possession of the Kid’s Hat, and all various other hats must be unlocked by stitching them. In order to stitch a hat, the player must have the forced amount the yarn because that the hat in question, and also they have to have uncovered at least one yarn belonging to that details hat. Different varieties of yarn deserve to be found across all locations of the game, and each one the is picked up add to one yarn come the reserve offered for stitching. Any combination of different yarns can be used to make any type of hat, and there space far an ext yarns easily accessible than are necessary to do every hat, definition that the player never demands to worry around permanently do hats unobtainable.

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This is a perform of hatchet that will certainly be offered in this guide, for the sake of staying clear of confusion.

“Activation button”: This describes the switch the player must press come activate a hat’s effect. By default, this is LT on an Xbox controller, L2 on a playstations controller and left change on a keyboard. For part hats, just hitting the button toggles the effect on or off, when others require the button to be organized down because that as lengthy as the player desires to use it.

“Air control”: Air manage refers to the capacity to transform one’s trajectory when mid-air. In A cap in Time, relocating in a direction will certainly slightly transform one’s trajectory, when performing an air/double jump will certainly allow much more direct changes.

“Bonk”: A bonk is once you dive right into a wall surface or object and ‘bonk’ your head right into it. This will knock Hat kid backwards and also prevent any action from being taken until she has hit the ground. Bonks are a surefire method of shedding climbing progress, acquisition fall damages or plummeting into eco-friendly hazards, and should for this reason be avoided at every times.

“Recovery”: A recovery is carry out by jumping after ~ a dive. This cancels the dive, and also functions together a small hop, avoiding both loss damage and bonks. Together a side note, if a recovery is performed simply as Hat boy hits the ground, she will certainly be released forward, permitting her to quickly traverse long ranges through continously diving and recovering.

The Kid’s Hat

The Kid’s hat is the purple tophat worn by Hat child from the start of the game. Its function is simple, acting as a means for the player to be pointed in the appropriate direction if they’re no sure around where come go.

When activated, the camera will revolve towards the current Act’s Time Piece, presume it has been revealed. A crosshair will additionally encircle the specific location that it, but this only shows the straight course to the target, ignoring potential walls and other obstacles that provides it impossible to take stated route. The activation switch must be held down to usage this effect, however it has no cooldown or duration, meaning it can be offered as often and for as long as the player wants. If there is no Time piece nearby, the hat will certainly float above Hat Kid’s head and a post will briefly appear, informing the player the the absence of Time Pieces.

Due to the nature the the hat, no badges impact it in any kind of way. Additionally, the is not required for something in the game, meaning there’s tiny reason to have actually it on external of look at or if the player it s okay lost.


Example the the Kid’s hat in use. Right now pointing in the direction of the Mafia city telescope.


The acceleration Hat

The Sprint cap is the first unlockable cap in the game and requires 2 yarns come stitch. It can be acquired from the begin of the game, as Sprint Yarns space readily accessible in Mafia Town. Together the name suggests, it enables Hat kid to sprint.

Along with significantly increasing motion speed, sprinting also changes the normal jump to a longer one, at the expense of losing all air control and the double jump. However, one have the right to still dive and recover to prevent loss damage, although this still doesn’t allow for much air control. Additionally, sprinting boosts Hat Kid’s turn radius, an interpretation sharp corners can come to be harder to transaction with.

The Sprint cap is unique in the it is the just hat in the game that has a badge that affects it alone. The argorial in inquiry is the Scooter Badge, which completely changes exactly how the Sprint cap behaves. The scooter is toggled, rather than held, and also moves quicker while allowing for better ground control, as well as dual jumping. However, it is not feasible to dive native a jump v the scooter, an interpretation it consist of a much much shorter distance per jump than the regular sprint. This means that both variants have various uses, and also neither have to be thought about a directly upgrade to the other.

The acceleration Hat has no special interactions with any type of badges aside from the Scooter Badge. However, the Hookshot deserve to be paired with the Sprint cap to easily traverse levels without threat of fall damage. The No Bonk argorial is additionally useful when sprinting, as diving right into a wall climb will certainly compensate for the lost double jump and prevent inadvertently bonks early to negative air control.

The hat’s shortcomings can be compensated because that by simply ending the impact briefly to execute tricky jumps or do sharp turns before reactivating it again. This applies to both the sprint and the scooter.

As an added bonus, pressing the crouch/dive switch (RT top top Xbox, R2 on Playstation and left Ctrl ~ above keyboard) while the scooter is energetic will make Hat kid honk the horn. This has actually no actual impact on gameplay, and is purely aesthetic.


Visual result of sprinting.


The scooter that shows up when the Scooter argorial is equipped.


The unavoidable Hat

The unavoidable Hat is the second unlockable hat, requiring four yarns come stitch. It is the 2nd hat that deserve to be acquired in Mafia Town. It enables Hat child to brew explosive potions that can be thrown to break certain objects and also damage enemies. After throwing, a cooldown of one second must pass before a new potion can be prepared. This cooldown is lessened to 0.5 secs with the fast Hatter Badge.

When activated, Hat son shakes a bottle, charging up the explosive as the button is held down. ~ one second, the party is prepared to be thrown, i m sorry is done by publication the activation button. The resulting explosion causes minor damages to enemies, but much more importantly rest glowing objects, releasing collectibles. This items space most frequently pons and also health, do rigorous use of the cap a an excellent way of accelerating the acquisition of badges. The potion deserve to be cancelled without gift thrown by publication the button prior to the potion is ready, or by diving. Dual jumping have the right to still be done without cancelling the charge. The explosion go not damage Hat child in any kind of way.

Although the unavoidable Hat deserve to be supplied in conjunction through the rapid Hatter badge, the isn’t too useful due to the inherently low cooldown of the hat.

The unavoidable Hat is compelled to access the final chapter, as a box have to be damaged to with the last telescope. It is also needed to access the arts room, located on the left together one beginning the machine room.


The result explosion indigenous throwing a potion.


Objects with a golden glow must be damaged with the unavoidable Hat’s explosives.


The ice Hat

The ice Hat is the 3rd unlockable hat in the game. It requires eight yarns come stitch and also the first yarn deserve to be uncovered in action 1 of fight of the Birds. It enables Hat kid to turn into an ice sculpture.

Turning right into an ice cream sculpture makes Hat kid heavy, permitting her to sink in water and also interact with the blue springboards uncovered throughout most levels. Activating the ice cream Hat on top of a springboard will launch Hat child to a predetermined location, which regularly has a springboard that returns them to the initial location. It also increases autumn speed while staying clear of fall damage, meaning it can be supplied to conveniently descend native high altitudes with small to no risk. It likewise has a brief cooldown, but unlike the other hats through cooldowns, the ice Hat features indefinitely, an interpretation Hat Kid remains an ice sculpture till the activation button is released.

The ice Hat is affected by the quick Hatter Badge, enabling rapid, subsequent transformations. However, this is ultimately not the helpful, together puzzles with the ice Hat never ever require specific timing or rapid deployment. However, the significant cooldown reduction deserve to be advantageous to reduce time loss because of mistakes, such together if the player misses a springboard as result of being misaligned.

The ice Hat is required to accessibility the final chapter, as a springboard need to be supplied to with the telescope. It is likewise required to accessibility the letter room, got to through the slide in the main room. Furthermore, the is forced to enter the pillow fort in the bedroom whereby Hat boy keeps she diary.


The ice sculpture Hat kid turns into.


One that the countless springboards the ice cream Hat is supplied for.


The Dweller Mask

The Dweller Mask is the fourth unlockable hat. It requires twelve yarns to stitch and also the more quickly yarn can be discovered in Subcon Forest. It creates a temporary field roughly the player the fade dark purple and green objects in and also out of existence.

When activated, the Dweller Mask jobs a bubble about Hat boy that solidifies special environment-friendly objects. It additionally makes it possible to travel through the more uncommon dark violet blocks. This effect instantly cancels after around three seconds, yet can it is in cancelled prematurely by pressing the activation switch again. After gift cancelled, it is put on a cooldown of around 1.5 seconds. This is decreased to 0.5 secs with the quick Hatter Badge.

It is feasible to save the mask perpetually active by jumping simply as the effect is cancelled and staying in the air till it is recharged. This method is made considerably easier to carry out by using the rapid Hatter Badge, yet is still feasible without it.

The fast Hatter argorial is extremely useful with this mask, as it saves a lot of time if one falls short at completing a puzzle with time while also making the aforementioned technique to save the mask energetic at every times less complicated to perform.

The Dweller Mask is compelled to access the final chapter, as a violet block have to be passed v to with the telescope. That is also required to accessibility the laboratory, which is in the basement, prior to the hook allude leading to the Alpine Skyline telescope.


The Dweller Mask in effect. The white line reflects where the bubble collides with human being objects.


Comparision the a green object before and after activation.


Comparision of a purple object before and also after activation.


The Time prevent Hat

The Time prevent Hat is the fifth and final unlockable hat. It requires 24 yarns to stitch and yarns deserve to only be derived in the Alpine Skyline. It significantly slows under time when activated.

When activated, the Time stop Hat slows under the world around Hat kid by 75% when leaving her at her typical speed. This result lasts for 4 second, definition every activation big one 2nd in the video game world. After being deactivated, it has actually a five 2nd cooldown. This is decreased to two secs with the fast Hatter Badge.

Despite the simplicity that the effect, the time Hat is tho extremely helpful in particular scenarios. Many notably, it will make speed-based acts like Train Rush and also Cheating the race laughably easy, and also make time puzzles easier, assuming lock don’t require another hat to it is in performed. It additionally makes bosses less complicated to deal with, together one will have more time to reaction to their attacks. However, the cap is only actually forced for a few puzzles in the Alpine Skyline.

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Due to its lengthy cooldown and also the usefulness that consequtive activations, the fast Hatter is rather potent with this hat. However, a solitary activation is sufficient to solve any kind of of the Alpine Skyline puzzles that the Time protect against Hat is compelled for.