The Finale

Follow the stairways and reach the top. Go through the gigantic gate and continue till you reach the building.


Use her hook and you"ll it is in in prior of the fallout’s platforms. Continue to the area and you"ll reach an area v a fire throwers. Usage the ice platform to reach the next area. The birds in this area will attack you so be careful. Jump to the left and where the cannons are. Protect against them and jump to the front. You"ll have to take this fruit v you over the fall platforms. Obtain it near the heart to gain it brewing and also launch it in ~ the ice block. Gain to the following area and you"ll with what is most likely the most chaotic location in the entire game.

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This area is similar to the vault one, however maybe slightly more challenging. No tricks here, just make it come the end and beware the the invisible thief. Usage the Dweller Mask to continue. Take treatment of the 3 birds and jump on the communication in front. With the various other side, beware the the invisible thief and climb to the top. Run on the platforms and on the balloons to reach the following area. Beware of the hammers and follow the course towards beard Girl and prepare because that the final boss fight.

Mustache Girl

Muschace Girl will regularly teleport and also throw Time pieces at you. Come hurt her, you have actually to attack her like any type of other enemies. The easiest means is to get close come her, jump and perform an attack midair. ~ a few hits, the 2nd stage the the fight will certainly begin and you"ll have to dodge the just arrive attacks. Eventually, the display will turn into a ring.

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During the 2nd phase of the fight, she will certainly perform comparable attacks, along with brand-new ones. Eventually, she"ll move so quick you won"t be able to hit her, so the people from the planets you"ve to be on will intervene by developing a huge ball of mafiosos. Target the ball at mustache Girl come hit her until she creates some sort of shield. You won"t have the ability to harm her this way, and the shadow heart will develop a contract to help you. Aim the impending fruits in ~ Mustache Girl and immediately struggle her through a common attack. Perform that a few more times. The battle will continue, yet it"s likewise over because that Mustache Girl due to the fact that you"ll recover wellness every time you shed it.