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This week’s featured track story involves us native Zach Williams. We’re excited to share through you the story behind his track “Less prefer Me.”

“I know I battle with feeling choose I’m no worthy or good enough. I have my great days, my poor days as with everybody else. Because that me, ns wanted every little thing to be pointed earlier to Him. The song’s not about me. It’s around each day that I check out myself going v life prefer are there things at the finish of the work that i could’ve done better? space there things at the end of the day that could’ve made me a little more like Jesus?” – Zach Williams

Click ~ above the video clip below come hear Zach share the story. Scroll under to listen and also read the complete lyrics of the song.

From the album Rescue Story.

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“Less prefer Me” Lyrics

Oh I have days I lose the fight try my finest but just don’t gain it ideal Well I speak a speak that ns don’t walk and also miss the moments right prior to my eyes

Somebody with a hurt the I can have aided Somebody through a hand that I can have organized When I just can’t see previous myself oh Lord assist me be

A little much more like mercy A little much more like elegant A little an ext like kindness, goodness, love, and faith A little much more like patience A little more like tranquility A little more like Jesus A little less prefer me

Yeah, yes sir no denying ns have adjusted I’ve been changed from who I supplied to be yet even in ~ my best I should confess ns need assist to view the way you see

Somebody through a hurt that I can have assisted Somebody with a hand that I could have heldWhen I simply can’t see past myself oh Lord assist me be

A little much more like mercyA little much more like graceA little much more like kindness, goodness, love, and faithA little much more like patienceA little an ext like peaceA little an ext like JesusA tiny less favor me

Oh to feed the beggar ~ above the street Love come be her hands and also feet easily give what I get Lord aid me be

I want a friendship an initial above all else Love mine neighbor together myself In the moments nobody sees Lord help me be

A little much more living every little thing I preach A little much more like Jesus A small less favor me