This best-selling tale is based on the biblical figures of David, Saul, and also Absalom. Because that the plenty of Christians who have actually experienced pain, loss, and heartache at the hand of various other believers, this compelling story provides comfort, healing, and also hope. Christian leaders and also directors of religious movements throughout the civilization have encourage this simple, powerful, and beautiful story to your members and staff. Girlfriend will want to sign up with the thousands who have actually been profoundly touched by this incomparable story.

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Tyndale home Publishers
Jun 14, 2011

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Gene Edwards

Gene Edwards flourished up in the oil areas of east Texas and also entered university at age fifteen. He i graduated at eighteen from eastern Texas State University v a bachelor's degree in English background and walk on to knife his M.Div. Indigenous Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Gene is component of the house-church movement, and he travels extensively to help Christians as they begin meeting in homes. He also conducts conferences on life the depth Christian life. As the beloved writer of end 25 bestselling books, many consider Gene’s signature book to it is in A tale of 3 Kings. A straightforward retelling the the relationships between King Saul, King David, and also the young guy who wanted to it is in King, Absalom. His publication The magnificent Romance, has actually been called a masterpiece the Christian literature. Gene and also his wife, Helen, reside in Jacksonville, Florida, and also have 2 grown children.

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A tale of Three emperors - Gene Edwards



Well, to ~ reader, how nice come be with you once more. It is a privilege to invest this time with you. Say thanks to you for meeting here, and I indicate we hasten into the playhouse, as I view that castle have currently dimmed the lights.

There are two seats scheduled for united state not too much from the stage. Quickly, let united state take them.

I recognize the story is a drama. Ns trust, though, you will certainly not find it sad.

I think we will discover the story to it is in in two parts. In part 1 weshall fulfill an larger king, Saul by name, and a young shepherd boy called David. In component 2 we shall once much more meet an enlarge king and a young man. But this time the enlarge king is David and the young man is Absalom.

The story is a portrait (you could prefer to speak to it a unstable charcoal sketch) of submission and also authority within the kingdom the God.

Ah, they have actually turned off the lights, and the players have taken your places. The audience has actually quieted itself. The curtain is rising.

Our story has actually begun.


The almighty, life God turned come Gabriel and gave a command.

Go, take these two sections of my being. There are two destinies waiting. To each unborn destiny provide one part of myself.

Carrying two glowing, pulsating lamp of Life, Gabriel opened up the door right into the realm between two universes and also disappeared. He had stepped right into the mall of Unborn Destinies.

Gabriel spoke: "I have here two sections of the nature the God. The first is the really cloth the his nature. As soon as wrapped about you, it apparel you with the breath that God. As water surrounds a human being in the sea, so will certainly his an extremely breath envelop you. With this, the magnificent breath, you will have his power—power come subdue armies, dead the adversaries of God, and attain his occupational on the earth. Below is the power of God as a gift. Here is immersion right into the Spirit."

A destiny stepped forward: This portion of God is because that me.

True, replied the angel. "And remember, anyone receives together a good portion the power will surely be recognized by many. Ere your earthly expedition is done, your true character will be known; yea, it will be revealed by means of this power. Together is the destiny the all who want and wield this portion, for it touches just the outer person, influence the inner human not one whit. Outer power will constantly unveil the inner resources or the lackthereof."

The an initial destined one obtained the gift and stepped back.

Gabriel speak again.

I have here the 2nd of two aspects of the living God. This is not a gift yet an inheritance. A gift is worn on the external person; an inheritance is planted deep inside—like a seed. Yet, even though the is such asmall planting, this planting grows and, in time, fills all the inside person.

Another destiny stepped forward. I believe this facet is to it is in mine for my earthly pilgrimage.

True, comment the angel again. I need to tell you that what has actually been given to girlfriend is a glorious thing—the only aspect in the universe that can change the human heart. Yet also this aspect of God cannot attain its job nor grow and also fill your whole inner being unless it is compounded well. It should be combined lavishly with pain, sorrow, and also crushing.

The second destined one received the inheritance and stepped back.

Beside Gabriel satellite the angel Recorder. He dutifully gotten in into his ledger the document of the two destinies.

And that shall these destinies come to be after they go through the door to the clearly shows universe? request Recorder.

Gabriel responded softly, Each, in his time, shall it is in king.


Chapter 1

The youngest boy of any kind of family bears 2 distinctions: he is taken into consideration to it is in both spoiled and uninformed. Usually tiny is expected of him. Inevitably, he displays fewer qualities of leadership than the other youngsters in the family. Together a child, he never leads. He just follows, because that he has actually no one younger on who to exercise leadership.

So the is today. And also so the was three thousand years earlier in a town called Bethlehem, in a family members of eight boys. The first seven young of Jesse functioned near your father’s farm. The youngest was sent on treks right into the hills to graze the family’s tiny flock of sheep.

On those pastoral jaunts, this youngest son constantly carried 2 things: a sling and a small, guitarlike instrument. Preventive time because that a sheepherder is abundant on rich mountain plateaus wherein sheep deserve to graze for days in one sequestered meadow. However as time passed and days came to be weeks, the young male became really lonely. The emotion of friendlessness that always roamed within him was magnified. He often cried. He also played his harp a an excellent deal. He had actually a good voice, therefore he frequently sang. Once these activities failed to comfort him, he