I've searched part posts and have watched mentions the this without a clear solution. I tested the connection between ACT and also it's good.

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When i go come the "Main" tab, I can see the it put me in the right zone but no damages parsing actually appears and also no graphs.

Has everyone encountered this concern before?


A pair things come check:

Are you to run ACT together Administrator? If not, you re welcome do.

In the Plugins tab, click "FFXIV Settings" tab climate click "Test game Connection" If every little thing is working properly it should say its fully successful. If something isn't working, it should tell girlfriend there where the problem lies.

Also, together a critical resort, who in my FC had this issue and also fixed the by fully uninstalling ACT and re-installing from scratch.

Thank you for the assist u/Vanguard!!

I collection it to always run on admin, and have also tried to launch a admin manually

The test offers me the every clear

I'm top top my third reinstall :(

The weird point is, it functioned fine for a long time but suddenly started doing this possibly a week before 4.2

Sorry for the formatting! I'm on mobile

Edit: I expected u/pleasejustdie

So I simply resolved this yesterday, ACT adjusted the place that that was analysis logs from without warning me. So i updated it.

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You will find this in 2 locations:

Under "Plugins" in the FFXIV settings tab -- Log document location have to be: C:UsersYOURUSERNAMEDocumentsMy GamesFinal Fantasy - A kingdom RebornFFXIV_CHR004000174B353A03log

Note: only one of the FFXIV_CHR papers will actually have actually a log in folder.

2. Under the "Options" tab, I additionally updated the Log document to be in the ar that I pointed out above, yet I simply selected the 0000000 file


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Quick note, ns did monitor the troubleshooter and also have permitted ACT top top Private/Public networks in my Firewall

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