Customer company was HORRIBLE!!! The girl functioning there ~ above Friday night scanned my climate told me that wouldn't job-related for clearance, but by the moment I ordered some other items my wouldn't scan again and also she told me "too bad" and to have fix it for me. Ns was so upset I practically cried! She finally referred to as her manager who told she to simply credit me because that the because she had already scanned it. Horrid client service!! i will never ever go ago there again.

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Well for some factor my was saying it to be expired once the cashier tried come scan it even though the disclaimer stated February 19th. The masculine cashier was an extremely gracious and also helpful however the female, I'm presume manager, that came over to help was very short and also rude v both me, and also the other employee. Eventually she walked turn off in a huff and also grabbed she phone. It did get resolved and I'm appreciative the they aided through the glitch but it was not really pleasant in the end.
Love this place. Everyone is informative, really open minded through no judgments. My wife and I always feel an extremely comfortable in Adam & Eve.
great store, good customer service, very knowledgeable and helpful staff! Must examine out for a day night surprise!

As the leading adult toys agency in the country, Adam & night unlocks a treasure trove that vibrators and an individual massagers, and also intimate games and goods because that exploring new romantic avenues. They"ve additionally been transforming up the heat in customers’ wardrobes for over 40 years, v threads the leave tiny to the imagination, such as lace skirts and lingerie sets. Every one of these products—in addition to lotions and also DVDs—can it is in purchased discreetly in-store.

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