Obnoxious feitoria play has finally reached pros.

hera offered ports B tier just for that i guess.

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Prevoulsy Portuguese were so negative they couldn’t ever make usage of the feitoria even thought that was constantly there, they just died prior to wood shortage ever kicked in even on ilands. Every buff because that Portuguese is actually a buff for toxic feitoria play, together it gets an ext likely to endure until the civ win kicks in.

I wonder exactly how long until ports feitoria will acquire banned in tournaments. I could imagine that happening

WedBasket953249 in march 27, 2021, 12:52am #4

I execute not agree.The Turks space S tier. They room a very an effective enemy… but only new, noob players use that civ. I use the Turks only if I receive them together a random civ… I almost NEVER pic them.At Feudal age the Turks have actually Gold mining bonus and also + 1 Pierce armor because that scouts. Castle have cost-free upgrade to light cavalry and also Hussars.At Castle age, the Turks through Bloodlines have actually BETTER knights than Vikings, Britons, Celts and Byzatines. The Turks likewise have one mounties unit more than various other civs- the Camel.The Turks have an extremely CHEAP update for mounties Archers 20 HP for 500 resources ( 350 food and also 150 gold).

While, for all civs, the update for 20 HP native knight to kavalier is 600 resources ( 300 food and also 300 gold).And, for every civs, the update from mounties Archer come Heavy mounties Archer is 1400 resources ( 900 food and 500 gold) and it provide ONLY 10 HP.

The best players at Aoe 2 are from north European countries. They use the Vikings and also make lock very great civ.

MatCauthon3 march 27, 2021, 2:31am #5

The point is, Turks don’t have actually a great eco bonus so they space slow

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ReanuKeeves00 march 27, 2021, 3:04am #6

Did you clock the video? Or simply skip come the end? Hera defines why he offered the ratings to every civ. The article comparison is rubbish anyway, if you’re do Knights (or even building a stable at all) as Vikings, then something has actually gone wrong with your gameplan, bigtime.

The other thing is the Turks walk from hero to zero in the an extremely late game. Turks get free Hussar which is awesome, yet then they’re stuck to spearman (no pike/halb) and also skirmisher (no elite). This method they are hands down the many useless civ once it involves trash wars.

Szebo210 march 27, 2021, 8:25am #7

watch the video, brand-new civs are had at the end, but don’t have icons

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BudgingAtol724 march 27, 2021, 8:37am #8

Sounds crazy however actually viking knights are an extremely strong. Sure they don’t have actually bloodlines, however the thing is, viking player will have the ability to produce a lot much more knight than you, on optimal of the truth that they probably will breakthrough earlier than you. So the number is favorable come vikings. 10 viking knights will quickly beat 6 knights through bloodlines because that example.

JokerPenguin593 march 27, 2021, 9:05am #9

toxic feitoria


Obnoxious feitoria

I watch you dont favor feitorias

But i prefer stalling tactics. In pokemon games, my team always consisted in high HP and also defense pokemon the holds oponents until they die with poison…

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CactusSteak2171 march 27, 2021, 9:58am #10


Geojak92 march 27, 2021, 10:17am #11

No, you are actually wrong around that. Yet I understand that the soulds liek it.

I LOVE feitorias come the allude that I only play ports.But i do discover civ wins unfair. And feitorias space the best civ success in the game. It puts a timer on your enemy. Death me prior to wood runs out or I will win 100%.

I have actually won a couple of games prefer Jordans however on land maps, and enemy simply tilt and get salty, call me the end for countless turtling.

If feitorias was readjusted to be actually useful prior to wood operation out, while still not feasible to make a full feitoria eco, i think the sitatuin would be giant improved.

to let’s say: can develop 1 feitoria every teammate (so 1 in 1v1, 4 in 4v4). And also the pop expense reduced to 10, so it’s about the exact same Pop effectiveness as 10 villagers (when there is still wood). In this case feitorias would be in reality a benefit to construct even prior to wood operation out however the ports as the just civ can not just shift their hole eco come feitoria eco and declare civ win as just 1 feitoria won’t carry enough.

Feitorias aren’t that an excellent in many teamgames, due to the fact that trade exists and also that can contend with purchase for fairly some time even after timber runs out.

Jordan would certainly have had 1 feitoria v infinity res only and hera would had had a lot fairer chance. Hera play much far better in mine opinion and also only lost due to full feitoria eco civ win.

In pokemon ns play Somiliar come you and my favourite pokemon version is quiet gen 2 where stalling meta is king

Suicune with rest, sleeptalk, surf and ice beam is a monster to kill there!

Turks no that bad in trash wars even.

You need to have actually a large ball the cav archers that you save alive at every cost. If you shed it, that gg. Selling and also relics will provide a couple of gold to retrain just a couple of cav archers to keep the up.

Your higher cav archer hp helps below a lot.

Put in former your complimentary hussars with extra pierce armor as a quick raiding meatshield to protect against you cav archers to get killed by skirms.

Lastly include a handful BBC with extra range for siege versus buildings. Even in trash war everyone needs some siege and turk BBC space great. You even got siege rams.

Watch the 2nd game that hc4 that viper versus hera to check out this play out.

Just having actually hussars come raid is a really solid point in trash wars and also tusk got a bonus.

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I would say turks room not the worst trash battle civ, unless you don’t have actually a cav archer ball. Climate its gg versus halbs.