This is my first tiny leaders deck and the goal is to break our newest leader, Alesha, that Smiles in ~ Death. There are several means to "whip" earlier quick creatures from the yard and also utilize various ETB/LTB effects to create advantage.

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I"m yes, really wanting part advice and also suggestions for improving the speed and power the the deck and sideboard ideas. And also of food +1"s are always more than welcome for reflecting support for the deck.

I"m definitely including Liliana, Heretical Healer Flip together she have the right to be whipped out when killed, reinvented on a dime, fuels my yard, resurrects without the aid of Alesha, and enables me come sac-wipe my plank every turn for all of the ETB/LTB effects with her ult. No to mention I"m in love v that planeswalker art.

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