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All I understand Is that I need to Kill is picture of a Russian OMSN MVD RF servicemember put on a Maska SCh1 helmet. The is most usual used either sincerely or ironically around gamers and their perspectives to games, particularly first-person shooters. It is supplied in a comparable capacity to the Stealth is optional because that this mission meme and also is pertained to the mr Tachanka meme as they both a similar look by wearing the Maska SCh1 helmet.


The predecessor of the meme and also origin the the expression started on /k/. The sport was an initial uploaded come Imgur on December 21st, 2014 where it has gained 2,009 views.


The original photo used because that the meme originates from a blog referred to as "Russian military Blog" and was uploaded ~ above November 23, 2011.


The present format of the meme to be uploaded come Imgur top top July 17th, 2016, and has gotten 41 views subsequently.


On October 20th, 2018, the photo was uploaded come Reddit by user u/_AllMight to r/memes,<1> where it has got over 4,000 points.


From over there it has been used to discuss players perception of play action-oriented video games and also how it feels come skip storylines/cutscenes in games. It has likewise been used ironically to discuss the the tardy of the violence of video clip games and video gamers through society. For example, on august 9th, 2019, iFunny user Ghetto articles posted a joke about Nintendogs (shown below, left). The exact same day, a joke about Pokémon GO to be posted come 9GAG (shown below, right).


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<1> Reddit – /r/memes

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