This piano-laden song chronicles frontman Tyler Connolly"s relationship with his wife, which began as a an excellent friendship prior to blossoming right into romance. In the tune he proclaims his love for her. His wife is the Canadian actress Christine Danielle who starred in the 2006 activity film, Underworld Evolution.

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Alex indigenous Taranto, Italythe video clip of this track is a homage of the movie "Rebel without a Cause" through james Dean.see much more comments
top top The FloorJennifer Lopez

"On The Floor" by Jennifer Lopez samples the 1989 track "Lambada," i beg your pardon you might remember is about "The Forbidden Dance."

BadMichael Jackson

Wesley Snipes played the rival gang leader in Michael Jackson"s "Bad" video.

Velcro FlyZZ top

The music video for ZZ Top"s "Velcro Fly" was choreographed by Paula Abdul.

Rapper"s DelightThe Sugarhill gang

The very first rap tune to make the warm 100 to be "Rapper"s Delight" through The Sugarhill corridor in 1979. In ~ the time, many taken into consideration rap a fad the would soon pass.

Dark FantasyKanye West

"Dark Fantasy" by Kanye West opens with a reinterpretation of Cinderella as check out by Nicky Minaj.

Head end HeelsThe Go-Go"s

"Head over Heels" by The Go-Go"s is a metaphor for just how things were acquiring out of control for the band; they broke up a year later.

manager Wes Edwards ("Drunk ~ above a Plane")Song writing

Wes Edwards takes united state behind the scenes of videos that shot because that Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley and Chase Bryant. The train was actual - the airplane was not.

split Souls: Musical change EgosSong composing

Long before Eminem, Justin Bieber and also Nicki Minaj created alternate personas, David Bowie, Bono, Joni Mitchell and also even Hank Williams took on characters.

Zakk WyldeSongwriter Interviews

When the was playing Ozzfest with Black label Society, a boy told Zakk he to be the best Ozzy guitarist - Zakk had actually to exactly him.

Kim Thayil of SoundgardenSongwriter Interviews

Their frontman (Chris Cornell) started out together their drummer, for this reason Soundgarden takes a linear technique when it comes to songwriting. Kim explains how they carry out it.

David Bowie leads the culture for prevention of Cruelty come Long-Haired MenSong writing

Bowie"s "activist" job of 1964 resulted in Ziggy Stardust.

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into The good Wide Open: Made-up MusiciansSong writing

Eddie (played by Johnny Depp in the video) found fame fleeting, but Chuck Berry"s made-up musician fared better.