Assassin"s Creed Odyssey brings back tracking assassination targets in a big way, and one that the many fun extend in the new Legacy of the first Blade DLC is the extra food selection of Cultist targets it opens up for you to hunt down across Greece. Here’s whereby you have the right to find all of the covert members the the bespeak of the Ancients in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

As you can expect, this guide comes v a big ol" spoiler warning because that the end of next quests and the true identities of characters in the DLC.

Where to uncover every member of the order of the Ancients in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey - legacy of the very first Blade

Phratagoune the Keeper

This is the an initial clue that you can find in tradition of the very first Blade. You gain it native Darius’ absent Arch hideout, top top a small table next to the passageway out. You find Phratagoune the keeper in north Makedonia, in ~ the be afflicted with den.


Konon the Fighter

You pick up this clue indigenous The keeper at the bear Den when you take she down. Girlfriend can find Konon the Fighter in ~ Xerxes’ Sacrifice the the nine to the northwest of Amphipolis, eastern of whereby you eliminated Phratagoune.


Echion the Watcher

To discover this member that the bespeak of the Ancients, you have actually to complete the Dead male Rises next quest. You can uncover a post on a cart to the eastern of rock Arch, which tells you to collect bear skins and also take them come the Blacksmith’s Assistant in Amphipolis.


The ideal time come grab this is while you’re taking care of The goalkeeper at the bear den. Otherwise, walk around that northern forested area and also you have to come across five bears pretty quickly.

Once you’ve acquired the skins, head come Amphipolis and talk come the Assistant.

What is the Blacksmith’s Assistant’s code in Dead guy Rises?

In this conversation, the password is “And we room the order”. V the order operative none-the-wiser, Echion the Watcher is discovered in the northern part of Amphipolis, guarded through other surprise fighters pretending to be farmers.

Akantha the Deceiver

To get on the trace of Akantha, you have to steal the old clue native the room alongside the nation chest in Olynthos Fortress to the southwest of Amphipolis. Once you’re top top her, she’s found in the Leader house at Amphipolis. If you trigger a battle, she runs away, for this reason be prepared to sirloin Assassinate or snipe her.


Timosa the Physician

You take out Timosa during the mysterious Malady key story quest.


Bubares the Conspirator

Bubares bites the dust throughout the Revealing the Recruiter key story quest.


The Huntsman

The big baddie is the most basic to track down, just finish the key story searches of the DLC and you’ll fight him at the end.

Shadow Heritage stimulate of the Ancients members

Nestor the Formidable

In Olouros Fort, i beg your pardon is to the south of Scavenger"s Coast, review the note on the desk in the same room together the country chest.


You have the right to then find Nestor cruising off the southern reminder of Kefalonia.

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Augos the All-Seeing

Once you"ve eliminated Nestor the Formidable, you"ll be able to track Augos.


She"s hiding close to the Poseidon statue south of the Scavenger"s Coast.

Sophos the Broker

You need to find the ancient Clue because that this bespeak member ~ above a dead human body on the deck that shipwreck in Shipwreck Cove. It"s near the 3 underwater valuables the you can collect as part of the for sure Passage main quest.


You then discover the Broker in the Shipyard the Patrai.


This member the the stimulate is beat during the Tactics and also Espionage main story pursuit of the DLC.


The Tempest

Simply complete off the main storyline of the DLC to take her out.


On the Grapevine side search guide

It"s no required, yet to acquire a bit more insight right into The Tempest, girlfriend can complete the on the Grapevine quest by finding information in the adhering to locations:

On a table outside the main temple in the Teichos that Heracles. It"s basic to uncover during the "Into the Storm" main Quest

There"s one more in the house of the Phoenician ~ above the eastern side the Boura, where you take the first mission from Kleta

You deserve to find more in a northern outbuilding that the Olouros Fort, which is come the south of Scavenger"s Coast

The last piece is in the Leader residence towards the southern of Patrai

Bloodline order of the Ancients members

The Immortals

You struggle this fatal duo right at the start of the Bloodline episode throughout the "Flight throughout Fire" quest.


You come face-to-face through Dimokrates as component of the notified of the Kosmos story quest.

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You decide Amorges" fate during the main storyline that the DLC.

Gergis the HeraldShould you death or preventive Gerghis the Herald

You can satisfy Gergis at multiple times throughout the DLC"s key story. The an initial time, you can select to spare him and let that leave. If you carry out he"ll show up during the following story quest and also you"ll fight the there rather - so the doesn"t really matter where you decision to take him on.

If you kill Gergis in ~ your first opportunity, you"ll instead fight three Order Scribes in the Smoke and Fury quest.

Artazostre the Silence

To discover this order member, head come Keadas cavern - i beg your pardon is to the northeast the the key city in Messenia, Aipeia. There"s a pit with a ladder that leads to some corpses. Below you"ll find an ancient Clue which leads to Artazostre. She"s just to the southeast of the cave.

Gaspar the Gatekeeper

Gaspar is most likely the hardest of any type of of the stimulate of the Ancients come track down - it"s a little bit like the Cultist Clue that you find on the rocks at Smuggler"s Cove in the main video game with the Cult of Kosmos.

To uncover this ancient clue, walk to the eastern edge of the wetland in the bay of Hades in Messenia. You"ll find the proviso on a dead body on the bank, view screen:


You can then uncover Gaspar in the Mines the the good Trench area of Messenia, in "Terror Gorge":

Pithias the Architect

To discover the clue for Pithias, head to the Pedasos Camp - which is southwest the the main city in Messenia, Aipeia - and also interact through the parchment near the huge leopard skin:


Having problem with how to start the latest episode of the heritage of the very first Blade DLC? Here"s just how you carry out it!