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Sarah Wayne Callies has many nice points to say about her former The go Dead costar Lincoln. The two have remained nearby friends also after she — and also then he — left the zombie drama. However that will not avoid Callies native revealing the seemingly perfect star’s Achilles hoe on Friday’s execution of Friday Night In through the Morgans.

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The existing Council that Dads star —along with other TWD alum Michael Cudlitz and also Hudson valley farmer Ed Hackett — will certainly be joining  Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton on their AMC quarantine speak show, and also in this exclude, sneak emergence from the episode, Callies shares her funniest anecdote native The go Dead set, and it involves her former on-screen husband.

“Honestly, ns think the thing about the an initial season that The go Dead that was type of the weirdest come me — so, Andy Lincoln as most of united state know… is one of the most capable people ~ above television,” starts Callies while donning a sporty hat. “He deserve to do anything, he have the right to speak in any accent, he deserve to make things look easy, he can sweat and still it is in sexy. I don’t know. It’s tough.”

You understand there is a but coming, right? Well, here it comes! “But the thing he can’t do,” proceeds Callies, “is drive. So due to the fact that he’s British and up in London, that didn’t have actually a driver’s patent until, like, five minutes prior to he involved Georgia.”



“It’s either because he had actually to acquire to occupational or he had actually to drive that cop auto in the first episode,” chimes in Morgan, no knowing exactly how close that is come the truth.

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“Well, so that’s the thing,” defines Callies, “is the cop car, if you remember, there’s the really cool shot where they lay out the spike strip and then they back up the cop car. And also I guess once you learn to drive later in life girlfriend don’t build the exact same instincts. Therefore Andy didn’t recognize that you have to slow down around a turn, or that once you’re going in turning back you need to go slower than once you room going forward. Therefore he went reverse in the shot — honestly, i think the was practically 40 miles an hour. You deserve to see in the shot, Jon Bernthal gets out of the automobile s—ing himself.”

We in ~ Entertainment Weekly have actually it on great authority that Callies is not creating a false narrative, and also that government is none various other than Lincoln himself! as soon as asked by ~ above the eve of TWD’s landmark 100th episode to remind his first-ever job on set, Lincoln relayed the tale. “It was the shootout,” Lincoln said ago in 2017. “It was on the roadside. It was throwing down the roadblock, and I think Jon Bernthal to be terrified since I to be driving and he that I had only spent three main in the country and also I was still steering on the left-hand side of the road. And also I had to break 60 come 70 miles per hour and then put the brakes on. Jon Bernthal is no a man that gets scared often. And also after about the 3rd take, he simply went, ‘Andy, Andy, please sluggish down.’”

Watch the clip above to see Callies pour out the bean on Lincoln’s destructive driving, and then check out the entire Friday Night In with the Morgans episode Friday in ~ 10pm on AMC.