Update: The Moto X4 Android One instead of offer has now been called off, yet users have the right to still obtain a refund on their faulty Nexus 5Xs.

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Update (01/24): Google has stopped supplying the Moto X4 Android One as a replacement for faulty Nexus 5X devices on project Fi. The proposition was just in place temporarily while refurbished Nexus 5Xs were out of stock, a assistance rep said Android Police.

This adheres to the news that Google had recently altered its ~$53 check/$100 Google Play keep credit exchange choices for faulty Nexus 5Xs to include the previously mentioned Android One device.

Device protection subscribers return their 5X now have actually the choice between a refurbished 5X (they’re apparently back in stock) or a full refund ~ above what was originally paid because that the device (up come $429). I guess we deserve to all just try and put that $100 Play save credit point behind us, now…

Google’s returns options for Nexus 5X owner on job Fi came under fire critical month. V dwindling devices of the Nexus 5X—a handset at risk to bootloops—in stock, individuals returning faulty systems were readily available a $100 Google Play save credit or a $53 examine instead that a instead of handset. Naturally, this lead to some disappointments, however according come Android Police, the instance has now changed in donate of the consumer.

A faulty Nexus 5X owner to be recently available a Moto X4 Android One together a replacement device—something through a retail worth of approximately $399. Task Fi support later shown that this was now an choice for those through faulty Nexus 5Xs (though you will do it still need to pay the $69 replacement fee).


Given the users have been shelling out numerous hundred dollars because that the Nexus 5X, plus $5 every month because that the machine Protection arrangement that consists the handset, the replacement Moto X4 Android One seems choose a much fairer deal.

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