Before mine husband and also I were in reality parents, we figured we would be relatively an excellent at the totality “mom and also dad" thing one day. To be honest, we didn"t put too much thought right into it prior to it happened.

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So when it did happen, we were pleasantly surprised that our presumption was quite accurate—we were relatively great at this gig. Challenge I say, on some days, we can actually be sort of great.

Becoming parents together has changed the way I watch my husband. He"s tho handsome. He"s still smart. He"s still generous. However now? Now, 3 beautiful tiny ladies speak to him "Daddy"—and that simply does something to my heart. It never gets old hearing castle yell, DAAAAAD!" or exactly how they want to speak to him when he"s at work, just to say hi. I don"t even get upset once they inquiry him end me—because it"s actually really cute.

The love these girls have for this guy is unparalleled to any kind of other.

They adore him. The sun rises and also sets v him. And if I"d need to guess why, it would be for a few reasons.

His parents elevated him to it is in a an excellent man. Someone who wants to take care of the people approximately him. Someone that loves deeply and also whose commitment is fierce.

His mindset toward raising girls is precisely what ns hoped it would certainly be. He loves his girls—he"s no “waiting because that his boy." He"s teaching them to be kind, strong, compassionate, curious, brave. That they"re beautiful—inside and out. That they have the right to do anything, be anything—sky"s the limit.

His method of play is much better than mine. I recognize that and also I"m okay v that. (They think I"m funnier, for this reason there!) the throws castle high in the air, flips castle around, starts snowball fights, teaches them how to dribble, go tumblesaults with them—basically, they have actually a round together.

His means of showing his love to your He"s affectionate and complimentary. The is kind and thoughtful. The inspires me every day and encourages me to follow my dreams. That is important a good example that modeling how someone should love another.

His pleasure is contagious. The is goofy, silly, funny and adventurous. He"s up-for-anything, which functions really fine in parenthood—because goodness knows we have to be ready for the twists and also turns of this life, don"t we?

My 4-year-old has actually recently become pretty interested in when “Mommy to be a bride and also she married Daddy." She loves looking at photos of ours wedding and asking questions and saying things like, “I am doing come marry Dad one day, too!"

And while she can"t since he"s already spoken for and also well, since that"s simply not exactly how things work—I hope she does end up v someone like him.

Because that is kind and also considerate.

Because he is gentle and also loving.

Because that is a dreamer.

Because he functions really, really hard.

Because the is supportive and also encouraging.

Because he believes in me sometimes even much more than I believe in myself.

Because he makes me feel choose I deserve to do anything, it is in anything.

Because he makes me feel at ease, at home.


Because his love will certainly be with me through it all. The joyous work of parenting as soon as we"re watching our newborn laugh for the an initial time or the tough days that parenting when we slept because that two hrs the whole night and also can hardly save it together.

Because his love is steady and also real.

Because he"s no perfect—none of united state are. But he tries—over and also over. Harder and harder. He really listens, come the good stuff and also the poor stuff, and also he takes that and also he tries again.

Because in ~ the finish of the day, he simply wants to do his girls feeling loved.

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Sure, his DNA runs v their blood—he is their father. You can see the in their identical (and lover if I may add) crooked smiles and also feel that in the quirks they share choose their zest because that life...and your zest for...sweets. ?

But—he"s so much more than just parts of their DNA makeup. His enthusiasm for fatherhood has actually awarded him the location of "Dad" and I"m so proud the this male he"s become.