Pet’s—and we’re not talking around man’s ideal friend Fido here, yet the loveable and also awesome creatures you get in Ark that deserve to sit on her shoulder. While these creatures aren’t average to partake in battle, lock all have actually things around them that besides making you go aww, can aid you the end in the game. Typically, they’re small and come in various forms, and also can be lugged with girlfriend on her shoulder or left behind (like Fido) at her base until you return because that it.

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3. Vulture


Large bird discovered on scorched Earth map and Ragnarök map that eats spoiled meat and is a passive tame. Deserve to be tamed and also bred, is weak against bola’s, bear traps, and also Plant varieties Y Traps.

Advantages: you’re going come want one of this big desert birds and also here’s the factor why: They’re great to have in battle. Vultures don’t attack the dinosaur the the rider is on, yet instead focuses its strategy ~ above the driver itself. They’re basic to tame which way despite their violence about carcasses, they’re much more than worth having. Anyone who is fighting girlfriend will have to choose between either fighting her dino/mount head on or address the vulture the is concentrated on them which gives you the top hand in battle.

How To gain It

2. Otter


Drops rawhide, meat, and also pelt and also weak versus bola’s, be afflicted with traps and also Plant Y species. Mostly uncovered in water locations in i m sorry they hunt fish in return for yielding silica pearls, black color pearls and also fish.

Advantages: while these animals are basic to kill and also will run once attacked, there room some advantages to owning one. Items such together Silica and also black pearls have the right to be annoying when it concerns harvesting. However, because that anyone who owns an otter, castle can reduced out the center man and also harvest those items because that you. Prior to being domesticated they will certainly gather meat turn off dead things, however once tamed they will simply gather meat. They’re straightforward to tame, and also cute together a button.

How To acquire It

1. Featherlight


A shy biology that will fly far upon being struck who has actually feathers the glow ~ above its head. The feather ~ above it’s ago holds a close resemblance to the of a dragonfly.

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Advantages: no one likes come wander in about in a dark cavern not gift able to watch their way, it is why featherlight is the perfect companion. While sitting on your shoulder, this shoulder pet have the right to light the way through also the darkest caves or areas. If you like venturing out at night, this is the perfect companion to take a lengthy with you. The charged light will likewise protect you from an ambush indigenous both Reapers and nameless.