Upon the consists of the Redwood biology in Ark, huge Redwood tree were added to the game, a resource of Sap.

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Sap is a source that is explained as a thick blob and also although it shows up to not be much of usage on that is own, that is necessary for various other purposes.

Although the Redwood trees are numerous on details maps, girlfriend will should go through details steps to gain your hand-operated Sap.

How to collection Sap?

To collect Sap indigenous the Redwood trees (large round tree in the Redwood biome), friend will need to craft Tree Sap Taps, which will be built on the next of the trees.

You might need to place a tree platform to provide a ar to was standing (or land her flyer) on when you ar and afterwards collect Sap.

The best method to farm Sap is to place multiple Tree Sap Taps about a tree or a group of them and also later come back to collect from every one of them.

Sap will generate in every Tree Sap Tap end a period of 10 minutes and also 20 seconds, which is why having multiple as soon as will make collecting an ext efficient.

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Other farming Methods

There are other methods when it concerns farming Sap relying on what map you space playing on, these approaches are the following:

Scorched Earth

There room furry trees which are known as Joshua trees that deserve to be harvested through a pick or a Chainsaw to provide a good amount that Sap. (Badlands and also High Desert)


There room Redwood trees in Aberration however these cannot have actually tree communication built, although lock still can have Tree Sap Taps placed.


There are tree stumps that can be uncovered in Valguero, which deserve to be farmed because that Sap as well as smaller trees located on specific islands.


Several approaches of farming Sap are accessible on Ragnarok, which consists of using Tree Sap Taps ~ above Redwood trees or harvest Joshua trees in the desert island biomes.

Crystal Isles

Full the several different resources, decision Isles has evergreen trees which deserve to be harvest to achieve Sap, including using a Wyvern to collect just the Sap and also no various other resources.

Sap Uses

Sap is just one of the lesser baits used when fishing and can be supplied with a Fishing stick to record fish and obtain other resources.

You may likewise use Sap to craft several of the an ext important consumables, encompass Superior Kibble and also Sweet vegetable Cake.




Absorbent Substrate


Mushroom Brew (Aberration)Superior KibbleSweet vegetable Cake


Each map has actually its an approach when it pertains to collecting Sap, and while some are similar, there will always be a need to change if you play on various servers.

It is crucial to acquire Sap if you plan on taming Achatina because it is an ingredient supplied for the Sweet vegetable Cake, i m sorry is used to tame it.

Creatures that need Superior Kibble while also require you have actually a great supply that Sap for food preparation up the kibble.

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The more Tree Sap Taps friend have across Redwood Trees, the greater the effectiveness you have when collecting Sap.