At Aviation academy of Maintenance, we train tomorrow’s technicians. The demand for experienced technicians in Aviation, Manufacturing, Welding, Energy, and other markets is outpacing those entering this career fields. Our nation needs men and also women to construct technical trade skills for today and the future. Aim campuses room proud come teach these skills.

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AIM graduates advantage from campus relationships through national and international airlines, neighborhood maintenance facilities, repair shops, manufacturers, and also other businesses.

The best method to discover hands-on an abilities is by doing hands-on practice. We offer hand-operated training v the tools you’ll use every work in the industry. Our classes are set up to prepare friend to make it in the fast-paced human being of aviation or other industry trades.

Our faculty has actually years of experienced work experience in aviation maintenance, business, and other pertinent industries. This experience provides wisdom, guidance, and also practical scenarios straight from plane hangars, workshops, and also professional work atmospheres in i m sorry instructors served, assuring that students will build both theoretically and almost into a expert professional.

AIM campus facilities encompass Veterans’ resources, a college student lounge, an imaginative Learning resource Center, a hands-on aircraft hangar and also labs that simulate the functioning environment, a range of technical resources, and several other attributes that room designed for college student success when in school and also after graduation.

AIM bring employers to the campuses to accomplish students and also graduates so the information around the project demands and also needs are direct from the industry. This on-campus events and also one-on-one career placement help prepare graduates to take advantage of each opportunity.

AIM is component of a successful group of companies, which very first began in Norfolk, Virginia, in 1969 and also has get an impressive to become a network of target campuses throughout the nation. We have actually maintained a heritage of excellence in education and also workforce advance throughout the expansion over an ext than 4 decades. Target is renowned for giving high quality, hand-operated training come our college student in Aviation maintain programs. However as time walk on, we observed other sector leaders demanding similar skills our aviation students have actually after graduating. To fill the need, us went past aviation to develop related sector technician programs.

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Aviation institute of maintain is committed to the education and learning and an individual enrichment of each college student interested in an aviation maintain or a trade technician profession. We offer programs in aviation, maintenance, welding, and also technician fields, whether it it is in for aircraft maintenance; maintenance technician, mix welding, industrial manufacturing, HVAC, or aircraft dispatcher. We seek sector feedback about our curriculum to recognize the technologies and specific an abilities that sector leaders need. At AIM, us train because that these trade skills and more!

Here in ~ AIM, us think about the college student first. So even if it is you are an altering careers, transitioning native the military, or a current high institution graduate, we offer a wide variety of tools and support to aid you reach your goal. Our full time student advisers occupational to store you connected and involved in your education, native the moment you enroll all the way through graduation.

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AIM is committed to the education and an individual enrichment of each college student interested in one aviation maintenance or a trade technician profession.