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How we’re supporting your financial needs, health and safetyOur height priority is the health and also safety of our clients and teammates. In every one of our jae won centers, we continue to align with the health and safety guidelines approve by the Centers for condition Control as well as with any local and also state ordinances. We recommend visitors wear challenge coverings in ours financial centers. In part locations, you might be forced to stay a face mask or extending to enter, based upon local guidelines. Many of our areas may have reduced hours, alternative days of operations or may have been in the interim closed. We space doing every little thing we have the right to to reopen as quickly as possible, despite some areas may continue to be closed because that an extended duration of time.In the meantime, you deserve to take benefit of financial institution of America’s award-winning virtual Banking and Mobile banking app1 wherein you can accessibility our full selection of solutions 24/7. Girlfriend can likewise visit one of our ATMs to retract cash, regulate your account and more.

Pay Bills(soft upbeat music)Pay bills anytime, virtually anywhere,with your bank of America mobile bank appTo get started, open up your appSign in.And click on Bill Pay.Entering bill info is easyand girlfriend only have to do it once.Make certain you have actually a copy of your bill handyTo start, select add Payee,and begin by picking whether you desire toadd a firm or a person.Enter a firm name to find the listof significant businesses.(upbeat piano music)If the agency is found, every you have to dois include an optional nickname,the account number,and zip code.Click on save and you are finishedsetting up your payee.If you don"t discover the firm you room looking for,you have the right to always add it by start in the company"sinformation as it shows up on your bill.To do a single payment, simply ar acheck note in the box beside the bill you would prefer to pay,and click on Make Payment.Enter the amount, delivery date,and an optional memo or note.Tap do Payment, and you will get aconfirmation that your payment has been scheduled.To pay more than one invoice at a time,check the box for every bill the you would like to pay,and click Make Payment.Enter the amount, shipment date,and one optional memo or note for each payee selected.Tap make Payment, and also you will receive confirmationthat your payments have actually been scheduled.(upbeat piano music)You can discover the outgoing payment at the topof the activity tab.They deserve to be edited or deleted if they have notstarted processing.Payment history can be discovered on the task tabbeneath any outgoing payment.You deserve to search for payments made or E-bill summaryinformation in ~ the previous two years.Click on Filter, and select the date variety andstatus of the history you would choose to see.Click ~ above Done, and view the specified payment history.Automatic payments have the right to be set up based on afixed amount and date.Or based on E-bill data when making a payment,or indigenous the Payee page.On the Payee page, select add Auto PayIf you get E-bills, click on based upon E-bill"samount and due date.Choose the quantity you desire to pay,and when you desire the payment delivered.Once selections have been made, click Continue.If you execute not have actually E-bills, girlfriend can collection up Auto Paybased ~ above a fixed amount and also date.Click on add Auto salary from the Payee page,and select Using an amount and date i choose.Enter the quantity you want to pay,how regularly you want the payment to be sent,and when you want the an initial payment delivered.You select how lengthy you want thisrecurring payment to continue.You have the right to even set up e-mail notificationsand acquire a heads up about the condition of her upcoming paymentsAfter your Auto Pay has actually been scheduled,you deserve to save your confirmation together a PDF,print it, or send it together an e-mail.Bank of America renders it straightforward to securelymanage her bills in the mobile bank app.You have the right to confidently usage Bill Pay,because we will procedure your payments based upon your instructions.It"s banking made less complicated with the financial institution of Americamobile bank app.In your hand, and also at your fingertips.Try the today.(upbeat piano music)
Zelle in ours mobile app is a fast, safe way to send and receive money with friends, family, and also businesses you to trust no matter where they bank in the U.S. -- v no fees in our app. Here"s just how to usage it. Sign in come our app and also tap deliver | Zelle. If it"s your an initial time making use of Zelle, madness Setup. Monitor the prompts come enroll, i beg your pardon include including your U.S. Mobile number or email that others have the right to use come send you money. Speak you want to send $20 come Tim because that yesterday’s lunch. In move | Zelle tap Send. Go into Tim’s contact information or select Tim indigenous your call list. Go into the amount, choose the account, and tap Continue. Verify Tim’s info is correct, then tap Send. If he’s currently enrolled through Zelle, Tim will get a message or email saying you sent out him money, and also the funds will certainly go straight to his financial institution account. If he’s brand-new to Zelle, the message or email will encompass a attach with instructions on just how to receive his money. Girlfriend can additionally request money, prefer rent from her roommates, or to split expenses for the weekend trip. Save in mind, through Zelle your money move from your bank account to someone else"s in minutes. Therefore it"s necessary you know and trust that you are sending money to and never use it with others that you don"t know, or come pay because that goods and also services you have actually not however received. So following time you should send or receive money, just open your financial institution of America app and also tap transfer | Zelle.
Everyday BankingWith the financial institution of America mobile App, regulating your money has never been simpler or an ext secure.Use fingerprint to log you in with a touch.Then see whatever you require at a glance.Customize your dashboard simply the means you prefer it.You have the right to conveniently deposit checks anytime from practically anywhere.And manage every one of your bills in a solitary place.Send money quick with Zelle.And continue to be in the recognize with Security and also Account alerts.Use my Rewards come view every one of your rewards in one place.And view & redeem your credit card rewards.Manage your cards v ease.Replace a lost or stolen map OR lock and unlock your debit card, all through a couple of clicks.And you"ll have actually easy access to your statements…All to help you stay on optimal of her finances with the financial institution of America cell phone App.What would you choose the power to do?Download the financial institution of America Mobile app today.

ATM Services

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Cardless ATM

Use her smartphone to withdraw cash, do deposits, inspect balances and more at our Cardless ATM.

Set up is simple - just include your bank of America debit card to her digital wallet. Learn more about digital wallets.

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When at the ATM:

Select your bank of America debit card in her digital wallet host your mobile an equipment over the contactless reader enter your debit card PIN top top the ATM and also start your transaction.
ATM accepts deposits and credit map payments ATM located inside

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