Aja Metoyer ended up being the best-known NBA baby mama of she generation as soon as she got pregnant through Miami warmth star Dwyane Wade during Wade’s rest from now-wife Gabrielle Union. When Wade and also Union lastly consented–for still-unknown reasons–to permit Aja show up on Basketball Wives, go did not permit his name to be supplied in link with the show. Aja’s official VH1 bio only says that she “had a partnership with a famous athlete in the league.” So, if you’re hope D-Wade will appear this season, you’re out of luck.


Bonnie-Jill Laflin is best-known because that being the first female reconnaissance in NBA history. She worked for the Lakers native 2000 until several years ago, and also thus has several NBA championship rings. (She additionally has a Super bowl ring from she tenure together a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader in the early on 90s.) Bonnie-Jill’s friend is previous baller Kareem Rush, who played for both the Lakers and the Clippers–among several various other teams–during his seven-year career.

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That’s Kareem on the far right that the photo above–and, yes, that really is Fabio in between Kareem and also Bonnie-Jill.

Last among the new Basketball Wives cast members is Aja’s sister Cristen Metoyer. Cristen’s been dating one-time Knick Joe Crawford for seven years, has actually a daughter through him, and also “hopes that…maybe this is the year the will finally propose.” If the does, he would certainly elevate Cristen into the pantheon the members the the Basketball Wives actors who are right now or have been yes, really wives