Despite DICE’s best efforts, Battlefield 1 problems proceed to emerge on all 3 platforms and also the developer has a many work to execute as we press toward the release of Battlefield 5.

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With Battlefield 5 collection for relax in November, DICE is starting to transition resources away from Battlefield 1.

The developer will no longer issue monthly updates for the video game which method those the you handle with worries will most likely be on your very own for extended periods that time.

With the in mind we want to show you how to settle the most common Battlefield 1 problems while we wait because that the company’s next patch.

Is Battlefield 1 Down?

If Battlefield 1 suddenly falls short for friend you probably aren’t alone. There’s a very great chance EA’s servers are down.

There are three locations to examine to view if Battlefield 1 is down for anyone or if you’re the only human experiencing problems with the game.

The an initial place to inspect is DownDetector. Here you have the right to check and see if EA’s servers space up and running normally.

You can likewise check the Battlefield 1 assistance account top top Twitter for details on Battlefield 1 server issues. Girlfriend might additionally check EA’s support account.

The last location to examine is EA’s Battlefield 1 forum. EA will carry Battlefield 1’s servers under to implement brand-new patches for this reason there’s a possibility the downtime is being brought about by a brand-new update.

How to deal with Battlefield 1 installation Problems

Battlefield 1 is a huge game and it’ll command about 50GB of an are on your system’s tough drive. Unsurprisingly, we’re hearing about slow downloads.

We mean download time to ease together we press away native the game’s release date but if friend experience long download times, there room a few things you can try.

First, try plugging your ethernet cable straight into your PC, Xbox One or playstations 4. This might speed increase the download, particularly if her console or pc is much away from her router.

Your other alternative is to pause the download and also then begin it again. This has functioned for us many times in the past.

For more advice, head on over to Microsoft, Sony or EA.

If you’re having actually trouble installation Battlefield 1 on her PS4, Xbox One, or pc there room a couple of workarounds come try.

If you’re trying to download Battlefield 1 on your Windows computer you’ll desire to beginning the origin client. From there, open up the My gamings tab and right-click top top the Battlefield 1 game tile. From there, click Install and also it must start installing again.

If you are trying to download Battlefield 1 top top the PS4 you’ll desire to open up your Notifications from the key PlayStation menu. Choose Downloads and find the Battlefield 1 paper you downloaded. Select choices and then pick Install to jumpstart the process.

If you room trying to install the video game on one Xbox One, you’ll should find the game document in her download history. Indigenous there select the Battlefield 1 record and pick Install.

If this doesn’t work and the installation freezes and/or continues to fail, it could mean that the game document is corrupt. If this is the case, you’ll want to delete all of the files linked with the game and try the download/installation again.

What come Do If Battlefield 1 DLC Won’t Start

If your Battlefield 1 DLC won’t begin here’s what you have to do.

If you’re play They Shall no Pass, In the surname of the Tsar, turning Tides, or Apocalypse top top the playstation 4 and also the content won’t launch, you can need to gain back your license. Friend can restore your license by adhering to the procedures in this guide.

If you’re play Battlefield 1 DLC on the Xbox One, try uninstalling the contents from your difficult drive. Re-install it and also it should work normally.

How to settle Battlefield 1 Bonus Content Issues

Some Battlefield 1 gamers are having trouble accessing some of the bonus items the come v the Deluxe variation of the game. This issues show up to be affecting Xbox One owner the most.

If you’re having an issue on her Xbox One, EA’s outlined some steps to take to recover your skins and also any added content you’re looking for. (This an approach worked for us.)

First, open up the Store and select Use a Code.Enter the code for the bonus content.Find Battlefield 1 ~ above the house screen and push the food selection button.Select Manage Game.Choose Ready to install from the food selection on the left.Select Install all and also confirm the installation. Wait for any kind of downloads to complete up.Check for your items in Battlefield 1.

If that doesn’t work, try this:

If your video game is running shut that down.Find Battlefield 1 ~ above the home screen and press the menu Button.Select Manage Game.Uninstall whatever related come Battlefield 1 except for the game itself.Power off your Xbox One completely and wait a few minutes before powering it ago on.Head on back to control Game because that Battlefield 1.Select Install all and confirm. Wait for downloads to end up up.Power turn off the Xbox One, turn it back on and launch Battlefield 1.

How to fix Battlefield 1 update Problems

DICE publication monthly Battlefield 1 updates and also sometimes these updates can obtain stuck during the download process. If this happens find your download and pause it. Wait because that 15 seconds or so and then choose resume.

If you’re playing the video game on PC, exit Origin and also open it together an Administrator. If the doesn’t work, try Origin’s for sure Mode downloading and install option. It’s located in settings under Troubleshooting.

How to solve Battlefield 1 connection Issues

Tons of Battlefield 1 gamers are complaining around connection issues. Connection problems are very common, an especially right after launch, and they deserve to be challenging to fix. The said, right here are a few things come try.

If you suddenly gain disconnected indigenous a server and you’re play Battlefield 1 on a PC, make sure you’re still signed right into EA Origin. If girlfriend aren’t, sign in to proceed to play online.

If you’re play Battlefield 1 top top an Xbox One, a game stations 4 or top top a computer logged right into Origin, take a look at EA’s exhaustive overview to repairing link issues. You’ll likely need come use some trial and error to uncover a solve that works for you and also your system.

If no one of the works, friend can try opening or forwarding ports. This action is more demanding but it might have a positive affect on her problems.

The very first thing you’ll want to perform is look in ~ this guide. It will go you through the basics on exactly how to open TCP and UDP ports. As soon as you get a take care of on the process, input this ports:


UDP: 3659, 14000-14016, 22990-23006, 25200-25300TCP: 80, 443, 5222, 9988, 17502, 20000-20100, 22990, 42127

Xbox One

UDP: 53, 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500TCP: 53, 80, 3074


UDP: 3659, 14000-14016TCP: 80, 443, 9988, 10000-10100, 17502, 42127

How to settle Battlefield 1 Networking Problems

We’re additionally seeing complaints around various Battlefield 1 networking problems. These, like connection problems, room extremely usual in huge multiplayer games like Battlefield 1.

Some Battlefield 1 players room having difficulties joining games/servers. Others space unable to party up v friends or hear their friends in the game’s chat. Like link problems these deserve to be tricky come solve yet here room a few potential fixes.


One the the first things to shot is a basic reset of her router. Unplug her router and also leave it turn off for a great minute prior to plugging earlier in.

If a reset doesn’t work you’ll desire to examine your system’s NAT settings. If you’re using a strict NAT type, you could encounter networking concerns including troubles partying up with friends. Utilizing an open up NAT type on system might remedy this issues.

If you’re playing Battlefield 1 ~ above a computer there’s a chance your local defense software might be prevent Origin, or Battlefield 1 itself, from connecting properly. If you’re using security software on your PC, make certain both have the proper permissions.

If you’re can not to uncover a server/game once your console is coming best out that a resting state, reset your console and try again.

If you’re continually getting disconnected native Operations, shot another set of maps or continue trying come connect. Periodically it take away a few tries for it to work.

How to deal with Battlefield 1 Graphics Problems

If you room playing top top PC and you’re noticing problems with Battlefield 1’s graphics know that you aren’t alone. Lot of of people are running into graphical worries with the game. Right here are a couple of things to try if this happens to friend on her PC.

First, you’ll desire to download the latest chauffeurs for her graphics card. If you’re making use of a GeForce graphic card, head over to NVIDIA’s site and also check because that the recent updates. If you’re utilizing a Radeon processor, head come AMD’s site.

The latest chauffeurs should additionally fix many DirectX issues.


If you happen to be utilizing a dual graphics card setup on your PC, shot disabling among them. You can do that utilizing Windows Device Manager.

If nobody of those fixes help, you should lowering the graphics settings in your game. This clearly isn’t ideal however it could help smooth the end your performance.

How to deal with Battlefield 1 FPS Problems

If you are encountering Battlefield 1 FPS issues, shot this fix.

Go into the game’s video clip settings, walk into progressed and Disable GPU storage restriction. This is enabled by default. Disabling it might improve your structure rate. If this doesn’t help, there are a number of other potential fixes to try.

This guide to Battlefield 1 FPS fixes outlines some potential solutions including some options to change and a couple of useful tweaks to Windows.

We additionally recommend downloading and install the latest motorists from AMD and NVIDIA. Castle could assist improve your performance.

How to fix Battlefield 1 black color Screen Problems

If you space running into Battlefield 1 black display problems, right here are a couple of potential remedies to try.

The very first thing to perform is examine your PC’s specs versus EA’s minimum and recommended specifications. If you’re listed below the threshold, this might explain her problem.

To check, head top top over right here to can You operation It to compare the minimum Battlefield 1 PC specs versus your own.

If you’re confident your pc meets the requirements, try updating your graphics card. If you’re to run an AMD graphic card, head here. If you’re making use of an NVIDIA graphics card, walk here.

If that doesn’t help fix her black display problems, try updating EA Origin. You deserve to download the recent version right here.

If you recently updated your operation system, try reinstalling Origin before installing, or re-installing, Battlefield 1 on her system.

Here’s one more quick fix to try, courtesy of a Battlefield 1 owner. We’ve experiment this technique and its functioned for united state 100% of the time.

Press Start.Go to your Options.In alternatives select Video.In Video, revolve “Weapon DOF” native On to Off.Redeploy.Turn “Weapon DOF” from turn off to On.

Another Battlefield 1 user has discovered one more potential resolve for black display screen issues.

If you’re noticing a black screen, push the Start switch while hovering over the Battlefield 1 icon, go to regulate Game > Saved data and also Delete the file called “Reserved Space.” Restart the game.

How to deal with Battlefield 1 Freezes

Some game stations 4, Xbox One and also Windows PC users are complaining about random hang ups and freezes. Some individuals are gaining stuck in ~ loading screens.

If Battlefield 1 freezes or locks up, you’ll should restart your game or your system. We recommend unplugging her console to clear the cache.

How to resolve Battlefield 1 Sound Problems

If you begin noticing issues with Battlefield 1’s sound top top the PS4, PC, or Xbox One, try minimizing come the dashboard/desktop on her system and climate re-entering the game. This systems has operated for us countless times in the past.

If you’re running into sound issues on your computer you’ll also want to make sure your rig’s audio drivers are as much as date.

How to settle Battlefield 1 Flickering Problems

If your video game starts come flicker, and also you’re playing the video game on the PC, you’ll want to download the latest drivers for her graphics card. If you’re making use of an AMD graphic card, walk here. If you’re making use of an NVIDIA graphic card, go here.

How to Fix absent Battlefield 1 Warbonds

By level 70 you need to acquire sufficient war bonds to unlock every one of the items in Battlefield 1. If for some reason you don’t have enough, you’ll require to call EA.

If you’re optimistic you’re missing war bonds, you’ll need to contact an EA Advisor and explain the case to them. Girlfriend won’t get awarded the battle bonds best off the bat, but your trouble will be passed along to the ideal department and also the situation should (eventually) obtain resolved.

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How to resolve Missing Battlepacks, Scraps, and Squad Boosts

If you’re suddenly absent Battlepacks, Scraps, and also Squad increases you’ve earned, you’ll want to log the end of Battlefield 1 and log back in.