Battlefest is back, and it kicks off on march 30 because that Battlefield players, and also DICE has laid the end its plans because that the event, in addition to some new Battlefield 1 functions for the community.

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Westie has actually all the details in his video, and nicely condensed together always; however, if you want to read a bit, there are many, many words below.

First up, DICE announced Premium Friends as a new system for Battlefield 1, where players who very own the Premium pass deserve to party up v non-Premium friends and drag them into DLC maps and also modes. This sounds great for those that haven"t purchased castle Shall no Pass yet.

The studio stated the addition was as result of feedback received by the community, and the potential friction in between friends who room Premium and those that aren"t. Plus, DICE says this will certainly make sure maps have actually as plenty of players as feasible to "secure a good experience."

How the works, is those who very own Battlefield 1 Premium pass can create a party which will be auto-tagged "Premium Enabled". This allows everyone in the party to play on every maps, regardless if they own the contents or not. Accessibility to the maps will finish when the party disbands.

There space some experiences room exclusive to Battlefield 1 Premium happen owners, though.


Here"s details:

In a “Premium Enabled” party, only owners the a Battlefield 1 Premium pass or the details expansion pack will knife XP native the maps exclude, to that expansion. We will conserve the XP for everyone else and grant them retroactively if they decision to get the Battlefield 1 Premium happen for themselves.Only owner of a Battlefield 1 Premium happen or the certain expansion fill will have the ability to spawn in v weapons and also vehicles distinct for the expansion.Only owners of a Battlefield 1 Premium happen or the details expansion fill will track development towards the unique medals and codexes because that the expansion.

A test run of Premium Friends will certainly be held during the upcoming Battlefest


DICE has actually added new Scrap rewards for players highlighted on the end of Round screen during MP matches. Exact same rewards for simply playing a round and also winning a round each day, which method there are 100 scraps come be ordered each job from now on.

Players earn Scraps when transforming in undesirable Weapons Skins, and also previously, Scraps could only be supplied to to buy Battlepacks. However, the is now feasible to exchange Scraps because that Weapon Skins and Squad XP Boosts. The amount essential to exchange for a particular skin or item might vary from time come time, and also those with higher rarity have actually a greater Scrap cost.

Scraps can now be invested on three different Weapon skin at a time, and these three alternatives will be readjusted every week. Players will always be able come exchange Scraps for a squad XP Boost.

Here"s wherein the fun starts simply for playing. From this day through march 31, players will certainly earn double XP in Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4 and also Battlefield Hardline.

Players can likewise earn a brand-new DICE 25th Anniversary dog tags redeemable because that logging in over the following week, and they will additionally earn a cost-free standard Battlepack for logging in once March 31 - April 1.

There is likewise a brand-new Battlepack review specifically developed for Battlefest.


Again, Battlefest kicks off tomorrow, in march 30. Look over the schedule below, and also then run in and also have some fun. All times noted in UTC. To uncover what time that is in her area, click here.

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Battlefield 1 in march 30 - April 9: Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owners can bring friends in Battlefield 1 along to beat on the new maps.

Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline: April 7, 12:00 UTC – April 9, 23:59 UTC

Reward: double XP for all playersLogin and also play in between the over times

Battlefield 1 - march 30 - April 9: Login and also play between the over times and earn a DICE 25th Anniversary Dog Tag

Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline Battlepack Giveaway -Apr 4, 12:00 UTC – April 9, 23:59 UTC

Reward: Login in between the over times to obtain a cost-free Battlepack from the Battlefest Battlepack Revision

Battlefield 1 ar Mission - April 4-9

Login and also play in between the over times on any type of Battlefield 1 castle Shall no Pass Map whether with PremiumPass or through Premium Friends and get 25 death totalReward: The Hutier PTFO Weapon Skin

Battlefield 1 - Zodiac an individual Mission: Aries - April 4-9

Get 25 kills with explosivesReward: Aries Dog TagAllowed explosives: Frag Grenade, Dynamite, Anti-tank Grenade, Anti-Tank Mine, Mini-grenade, irradiate Anti-Tank Grenade, Tripwire Bomb - HE, Limpet Charge, Crossbow Launcher - HE, Rifle Grenade - HE, Mortar - HE, affect Grenade

Battlefield 1 - custom Game: Eye to Eye - from April 4: Play “Eye to Eye” on all Battlefield 1 lock Shall not Pass maps, visit the Custom games menu under “Multiplayer”

Battlefield 1 - Battlepack review 26 - native April 4: Reward: Weapon skins for your favorite Sidearms

Battlefield 4 - Zodiac community Mission: Aries - Apr 4, 12:00 UTC – April 9, 23:59 UTC

Get 15 million kills through PDWsReward: Aries Dog TagAward will be granted ~ April 10

Battlefield Hardline neighborhood Mission - Apr 4, 12:00 UTC – April 9, 23:59 UTC

Get 2 Million an international ResuppliesReward: $150,000 in-game cashAward will certainly be granted after April 10

Battlefield 1 and also Battlefield 4: Friday Night Battlefield Battlefest - April 7 from 12:00 UTC

Search and also join an main #FridayNightBattlefield server because that a chance to melee a DICE devReward: #FridayNightBattlefield Dog tag