Our dining is open up with restricted seating.

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We’re following CDC guidelines because that restaurants consisting of social distancing, restricted seating, and cleaning. carry out and delivery choices remain available.

Have bb’s ceded free, in ~ a 5-mile radius of ours restaurant! call 904-306-0100 to order.

what us do.

bb’s restaurant is located on the Southbank the the river, in between downtown and San Marco Square. Prevent in to try our daily lunch and also dinner specials and enjoy a taste of our award-winning alcohol list and a full bar!


Elevate your sweet tooth v our magnificent desserts. Seasonal and year-round favorites space waiting for you. 





a memorable experience.

Consistently voted among the ideal restaurants in Northeast Florida, bb’s restaurant and also bar never cease to please and also surprise the palate the discerning diners, locals, and visitors alike. We space conveniently situated in Jacksonville’s South financial institution Area, mere minute from historical San Marco and also the downtown service district. Our award-winning alcohol list, an innovative daily specials, and also house-made desserts will have you return for more. Even if it is you are seeking a groovy place to unwind ~ work, or one civilization cuisine through an eclectic flair before enjoying an evening at the symphony, bb’s restaurant and bar is absolutely the place to b.

satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Our award-winning cakes space a present stopper. We definitely recommend saving room for dessert. Or, earn a sweet reputation when you order a entirety cake because that a unique occasion. 

rooftop garden.

We take eating neighborhood to a whole new level. Our rooftop garden is a sustainable source of fresh herbs and vegetables used in ours kitchen. 

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