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The “Wonders that the Woodlands (WOW) Youth arts Show” is open up to kindergarten with 12th grade students residents in mountain Luis Obispo ar –including those

The “Wonders of the Woodlands (WOW) Youth arts Show” is open to kindergarten v 12th great students residing in san Luis Obispo ar –including those who space homeschooled or belong to a youth/art program. The display will take place October 1 v November 30, 2021 at Art central in Downtown SLO.

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The goal of the WOW art display is come encourage and inspire youth come creatively showcase animal and also plant diversity uncovered within SLO County’s oak forest habitats, if spotlighting the exceptional talents of youth artists and providing a space for young world to refer the prestige of oak habitat conservation through visual art.
HOW come PARTICIPATETo it is in eligible because that the contest, college student artwork have to depict an pet or plant aboriginal to SLO ar oak woodlands or grasslands. A list of recommended varieties can be uncovered HERE: Oak backwoods Wildlife List. You may also email for a copy of the list. Artworks that non-native varieties are ineligible.
SUBMIT her ARTPlease fill out the 2nd page that the form LINKED HERE and letter or fall off with your artwork to the soil Conservancy’s office at 1137 Pacific St, mountain Luis Obispo, CA 93401. Artwork should be prepared to hang. You have the right to submit increase to 3 works of art for screen in the show. Portfolios space due by Tuesday, September 28th in ~ 4pm. A Committee the volunteers will make the selections of compensation winners and announce award recipients on Friday, October 15th.

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Every Brilliant point - SLO REPSan luis Obispo Repertory Theatre888 Morro St. San Luis Obispo

01oct(oct 1)2:00 pm17(oct 17)4:00 pmEvery Brilliant thing - SLO REP2:00 pm (1) - 4:00 afternoon (17) San luis Obispo Repertory Theatre


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BUY TICKETSPG-13Every brilliant ThingWritten by Duncan Macmillan


Event Details

PG-13Every brilliant Thing

Written by Duncan Macmillan through Jonny DonahoeDirected by Suzy NewmanScenic architecture by David Linfield

Every excellent Thing has actually been rescheduled from it’s original performance dates in March/April 2020. Particular show dates are right now TBD however we will certainly have much more information about tickets and SLO REP’s reopening protocols very soon. Remain tuned!

Tentatively October 1-17

7 afternoon / sat & sunlight
2 pm

ABOUT THE SHOWYou’re seven years old. Mom’s in the hospital. Dad says she’s “done something stupid.” She find it tough to it is in happy. For this reason you start to do a perform of everything that’s brilliant about the world. Every little thing worth living for: 1. Ice cream. 2. Kung Fu movies. 3. Staying up past your bedtime and being allowed to clock TV. 4. The color yellow. You leaving it on she pillow. You recognize she check out it because she’s corrected your spelling. Soon, the list will certainly take on a life the its own. This funny and also moving beat is a tribute to resilience and also hope—as that enlists you, the audience, come tell this heartfelt story.

Every brilliant Thing runs about 70 minutes v no intermission. There will certainly be talk-backs through the cast and mental health experts and also advocates after many shows. We strongly encourage audience members to remain for this interesting and also informative sessions.

DEPRESSION and SUICIDE prevention RESOURCESWe deserve to all aid prevent suicide. Transitions Mental health Association is great local resource for an ext information and also assistance with mental wellness issues. Whether it’s a family member, a girlfriend or yourself, TMHA can carry out help or lead you to someone that can. The links below offer totally free and confidential support for people in distress, and prevention and also crisis sources for friend or her loved ones.

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SLO HOTLINE(800) 783-0607

FAMILY assistance SERVICES(805) 540-6571


Additional helpful links and resources may be discovered on the Transitions website HERE. 

Many many thanks to Transitions Mental wellness Association because that partnering v SLO REP top top this production.