In the original Yu-Gi-Oh! collection (English dub), the love of the Cards is really important to Yugi. Through believing in his cards and having faith that castle will administer him with what he requirements when he requirements them, he deserve to stack the deck attract the right card as soon as he needs it the most.

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In a number of episodes, Yugi speak other world that they must trust in the heart of the Cards. Joey is the only one who appears to take it this advice seriously, yet I don"t recall it ever before working for him (unless his man luck operated for him).

Does the love of the Cards work-related for anybody?

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Yes, everyone can pertained to use it

First off, the definition of love of the Cards is a small hazy. The best definition I can come up v is:

Having something worth dueling for as well as yourself (e.g. Friendship)Having faith that your cards will certainly come with for you once you require them to

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 1x22 "Face Off, component 1", Seto Kaiba concerns an knowledge of what the love of the Cards is, focusing on the first definition.

Kaiba: Yugi, you claimed you won by tapping right into the heart of the Cards. And for a lengthy time, i didn"t know what that meant. However now, i think i do. And also it take it Pegasus to display me. He gave me a reason to placed my heart in the cards. <…> because that the very first time, Yugi, I have the right to duel through fire and passion in my heart.

Yugi: I have the right to feel it. Kaiba has changed. I have the right to sense it. He"s fighting for more than simply himself this time. There"s a brand-new belief…in the love of the Cards.

I"m pretty certain that Kaiba later on mocks Yugi because that the heart of the Cards, but in this step at least, Yugi level out agrees that Kaiba is believing in the heart of the Cards.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX two-parter "The King the Copycats" (1x18 and also 1x19), Jaden Yuki duels a copycat duelist who steals Yugi"s deck and also pretends to it is in him. Naturally, the copycat start talking about the heart of the Cards.

Perfect! The heart of the Cards has served me again!

Jaden start lamenting the he can"t beat a deck with the heart of the Cards before he gets insight from Winged Kuriboh.

Yugi"s deck is just so powerful. I believed I might win, however now, i don"t know. Huh?

Kuriboh. Sorry, yet what deserve to I do? He"s obtained the love of the Cards ~ above his side.

Uhh! Ow! Oh! What execute you average "no"? Come on, that"s Yugi"s deck! Oh! Wait a sec, that"s it! That"s Yugi"s Deck! There"s no means the heart of the cards can be on Dimitri"s side! The love of the Cards come indigenous believing in your own cards, no someone"s you stole!

And I believe in mine deck. Therefore if the love of the Cards is ~ above anyone"s side, it"s on mine!

He then draws the card he requirements to revolve the duel in his favor.

My interpretation of these events is that the love of the Cards does occupational for anybody, however not everyone has an equally solid faith in it, or is attuned to them making use of it. There have been cases where the human dueling for the right reason wins, and there have been times when someone color etc the one card they need without necessarily relying top top the heart of the Cards. Heck, I even saw one fan concept saying the Mai"s supposed psychic powers to be her making use of the love of the Cards and also not realizing it.

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But given that supposedly anyone have the right to use it, even Seto Kaiba, i think the yes, anybody have the right to use it.