Belle and also Tina job-related at what more than likely is the last DVD save in California. Oh! and they additionally time travel.


We’re big fans the animator Leigh Lahav ring these parts (she’s also made videos for united state in the past!), and also we’re super excited around her newest venture. Belle & Tina room Time Travelers is a pilot around best friends and time-traveling pop culture-obsessives Belle and Tina, who occupational at California’s last remaining DVD rental store as soon as not trying out through room and time.

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The pilot episode came out today, and you can watch the for you yourself above. I was super impression by how much Belle and Tina reminded me of human being I know, indigenous Belle’s like on everyone in Doctor Who come the friends’ frank discussion of periods. In an email interview with Lahav, ns talked come her about how she write realistic personalities in especially situations, and the ways pop culture inspires she to keep creating her own art.

The mary Sue (Carolyn): how long have actually you been working on Belle and Tina for, and also how much time carry out you usually invest on a single episode?

Leigh Lahav: This is a principle we’ve (=me & mine husband/co writer) have actually been toying v for rather some time! we love the moment Travel trope but constantly asked: where space the ladies? lock usually show up as companions, love interests or in the worse scenarios- triggers, and also while several of these are great (I’m a large fan of the female personalities in physician Who), we really wanted to watch those personalities in leading parts, as the travelers. We’ve only got around to pitching and also finally creating a pilot during this year. We’ve had quite the squeezed deadline between projects so us wrapped it up in about 1.5-2 months (writing to finish), hectic however super fun.

TMS: What age group carry out you many want Belle and also Tina come reach?

Lahav: everyone ON EARTH! but the main point target audience is more than likely late teens and up. We really wanna make a fun cartoon because that older audiences that have actually an itch because that pop culture. Like me!

TMS: Who room you more like, Belle or Tina?

Lahav: oh man, that’s a toughie. I actually based both personalities on two good friends of mine! i guess I’ll give the share answer the I’m a small bit the both. Upon sending the pilot to an excellent friends every one of them stated I’m an extremely much choose one or the other, so ns guess you have to ask castle instead.

TMS: ns love, love, love that periods are a fact of life in the an initial episode. And also no one is grossed out or makes a huge deal about them! where did your motivation for that come from?

Lahav: Well i do gain them every month myself!

It just always seemed odd come me this is something hardly ever addressed in renowned media, it’s such a large part of world who have periods’ lives. Recently you have the right to see a lot more attention being carried to our lovely time that the month in alternate lady-centric platforms like tumblr: jokes, memes, webcomics, it’s really fun. There’s constantly a lot to say around this extremely mundane however unspoken experience, other than the sitcomish “lol hormone make ladies angry.”

Belle & Tina’s tiny exchange about Belle’s crazy scheduled period is actually from life, i myself have PCOS which way they’re always completely out of sync and also all end the location unless I’m ~ above the pill.

TMS: This might be a big question, however can you provide us one idea of just how your concepts come together and also what your creative process is like? at what allude in city hall a movie or TV show do girlfriend usually acquire an idea for a video?

Lahav: You know that moment you’re the town hall a movie through a friend, and also you cracked a joke in the middle, or make fun of certain parts ~ you leaving the theater? it’s kind of favor that just we’re favor “dude, allows do this, allows make a sketch out that that!”

We could sleep top top it and wake increase in one idea-whirl hangover, wondering just how the hell we come up through such a dumb premise, or we make that dumb idea a dumb reality! as soon as we’ve written a map out we favor we head on to voice recording, storyboard, and also the entirety animating procedure starts. I’ve written around that procedure here.

TMS: how can human being who want more of Belle & Tina make sure they don’t miss an episode?

Lahav: continue to be tuned! hopefully, we’ll have a collection in no time ~ above an exceptionally cool platform.

TMS: How deserve to we support your work?

Lahav: you can always check out my updates and also subscribe to my YouTube channel, or end up being a patron of the arts and support mine work. Or, tag me on twitter and be like “hey Leigh I support your work!” that would certainly be SWEET.

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TMS: If you can travel to any type of time in history, when would it be?

Lahav: go to the future and congratulate future Leigh ~ above the 100th episode of Belle & Tina room Time Travelers. *wink*

Make sure to inspect out the pilot because that Belle & Tina above. Friend can also find Lahav top top the VidCon panels “Pop society popularity” and also “Secrets to success indigenous youtube animators” next week.

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