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Final work Finishing ~ above BHUSD Oil well Project

“Work is now in progression to attend to minor leaks ~ above the 2 wells previously established to require extr plugging work. This added plugging occupational is anticipated to be perfect by December 2020,” Beverly Hills director of Public works Shana Epstein told the Courier.

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The last of the 19 oil wells located near the Beverly Hills High school (BHHS) athletic fields was secured and also capped in October. The occasion marks the near end of a $40 million project that began in April that 2018.

“Work is now in progress to attend to minor leaks on the two wells previously identified to require additional plugging work. This additional plugging job-related is anticipated come be completed by December 2020,” Beverly Hills director of Public functions Shana Epstein told the Courier.

The oil capping project demanded a temporary closure the the girls’ soft ball field. Aside from that, the disruption come the campus and surrounding area was minimal.

For years, the power company, Venoco Inc. Activate under a $1.1 million annual lease through the Beverly Hills Unified college District (BHUSD) and also the City, for the exploit of around 300 barrels worth of oil a day. The lease stated that the duty of clean up the site fell to Venoco. However, after ceasing every oil and also gas extraction from the site on Dec. 31, 2016, the company filed for bankruptcy in April the 2017, informing the District and City of their intention that vacating the premises. After ~ a bankruptcy referee ruled that Venoco had no additional responsibilities concerned the oil sites, the City and BHUSD to be tasked through the monitoring and also plugging that the staying wells.

In December the 2017, the City and also BHUSD reached an agreement through which the City would assume the administration of the oil well plugging project. The City agreed to contribute $8 million to assist fund the endeavor, however ultimately advanced $11 million together the BHUSD’s require for financial support became an ext evident.

The City and also BHUSD contracted with WZI, Inc., an eco-friendly consultant specializing in petroleum engineering, to assist and oversee the fine plugging process. To complete the project, ARB, Inc. Was additionally retained to carry out well monitoring and also abandonment services, and maintaining well pressure at a safe level.

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As the partnership between the City and also BHUSD draws to a close, the last will finance all extr remediation expenses with accumulation from measure up BH, the $385 million building and construction bond voter passed in 2018.