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Help start Something huge through the power of mentoring! being a mentor can help a son experience various other possibilities i beg your pardon can an outcome in setting higher goals, achieving higher levels the education, and also being more successful in life.

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Site-Based Mentoring: The child and the volunteer satisfy at a set date and also time every week in ~ the child"s school or at the boys & Girls society (late afternoon or early evening) and participate in tasks at that website (i.e. Do crafts, play a plank game, playing catch, etc.).

Community-Based Mentoring: The child and the volunteer arrange their meetings based upon as soon as it fits into their schedules and also participate in activities in the community (i.e. Going out to dinner, play in the park, going for a walk, flying a kite, etc.).

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About large Brothers big Sisters the Northwestern Wisconsin


424 Galloway Street, Eau Claire, WI 54703, united state

Mission explain

Our mission is to create and also support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise the youth.


Big Brothers huge Sisters that Northwestern Wisconsin serves 5 counties: Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, Price, & St. Croix. We market 2 various mentoring programs - Community-Based & School/Site-Based.

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We were developed in 1972 together a Kinship organization and became a big Brothers huge Sisters affiliated organization in 1995.

We understand that mentoring results a child"s life. In a 2008 research of the kids in our program, plenty of of ours "Littles" competent one or more of the complying with benefits:

-Increased self-confidence-Improved scholastic performance-Better maybe to stop delinquency-Better sense of future-Better partnership with their peers

youngsters & Youth


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424 Galloway StreetEau Claire, WI 54703



October 15, 2021



civilization 55+


Background examine Must it is in at least 19 Orientation or training 1 hour every week

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