In the latest episode of Bigg ceo 11, contestants make personal remarks on each other during the divorce task. Priyank and also Hina to walk in the lawn and also are mad in ~ Arshi for she allegations. Hina division down and also Priyank consoles her. Luv also expresses his anger in the direction of Arshi and says the he won"t spare her now. Priyank states he is shocked the Vikas is supporting Arshi. He tells Vikas the if that keeps law so, he will look like a fool. Arshi cries in the bedroom and also Akash consoles her.

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Arshi comes out and tries to clean allegations. She claims that she can have misheard Hina and Sabyasachi. Hina describes that she made a allude that guys can"t hold in their urine like women and it"s a scientifically proven fact. Priyank keeps shouting at Arshi and goes in. While having actually dinner, Arshi keeps shouting in ~ Priyank. He gets up and also leaves his food. Hiten and also Vikas speak to him come the table and also ask him come eat. That is uncomfortable at Arshi due to the fact that she brought up the topic of his sexuality again. Puneesh speak Arshi the Hina was talking about her case yesterday and tries to provoke her. Arshi goes come Hina in the washroom and shouts at her again. Vikas comes and takes Arshi away. The following morning, contestants wake up to the tune "Om Mangalam". Throughout breakfast, Shilpa and also Arshi talk around how Hina called them characterless when Hina sits v her group and talks about Arshi and her doings.
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Hina comes out and also asks Shilpa why she didn"t cook an egg for her. Shilpa states that she should have actually requested her and she is not her servant. Hina thinks that Shilpa is no making food because that her since she wants to make her suffer and cries while Luv and Priyank console her. The court session starts for the day and Vikas renders an allegation that Hina didn"t assistance Arshi once she necessary help. Hina accuses Arshi that torturing her.
The judges ask Vikas come proceed. Vikas states that once Zubair was troubling Arshi, she checked out Hina seeking help but Hina refused and also as a woman, it is really wrong. Hina says that she was the one who had asked Zubair come behave nicely with women and also not humiliation them.
Luv walk in the evil box. Arshi alleges that Hina and he were staring and talking about her clothes and also cleavage. Luv clears his point and claims that Hina and also Benafsha had their girl talk and also she is make baseless allegations.

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