It"s no luck. And also it isn"t coincidence. Because 1977, F-150 and also Super Duty have actually been the best-selling trucks for some an extremely real and hardcore reasons: Rock-solid Durability.

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Welcome to invoice Knight Ford in Tulsa, OK

In our experience, there"s no resisting the beautiful craftsmanship that the Ford models you"ll find at ours Ford dealership serving Tulsa, broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks, Owasso, and also Sapulpa. If you happen to it is in in the sector for a new or offered car, climate you have pertained to the best place. Because if there"s one thing we love much more than our lineup of brand-new and offered cars, it"s offer customers prefer you here at invoice Knight Ford.

For the entire car buying and ownership process, invoice Knight Ford is below to help. If you room interested in much more information about any that the products or solutions we have to offer here, come in and also visit us soon!

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Ford Dealership in Tulsa, Oklahoma

For end a decade, bill Knight Ford has been the height dealer in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we expect to be so for many decades to come. We serve shoppers indigenous area neighborhoods such as broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, and also Owasso, and our team is enthusiastic around helping every customer that walks with our doors. Whether you're looking for one that the newest Ford models on the market or you desire a budget-friendly used automobile, we'll make sure you journey away in the auto that's ideal for you.

Award-Winning Service

Shopping for your next automobile is simpler when you have actually a friendly, service-oriented employee on her side, which is specifically what you'll gain when you visit bill Knight Ford. We offer one of the most committed dealership groups in Oklahoma. From optimal to bottom, our employee is laser-focused on help you. Whether you require advice around which of our cars finest fits your needs or you want assistance using for one auto loan, our staff resides to serve.

Our full commitment to customer company has garnered us many awards over the years, consisting of the President's Award because that 10 year in a row. If you want to shop at an award-winning dealer that prides itself on first-class customer service, visiting united state is a great choice.

Our Unbeatable Ford Inventory

On ours lot, you'll find an exceptional array of brand-new and provided vehicles, making shopping because that your following car basic and hassle-free process. If you require a truck designed for work, we sell the ever-popular Ford F-150 pickup, as well as the recent Ford supervisor Duty trucks. Us also administer a plethora of fully-loaded SUVs that room perfect for your daily commute, including the Escape, Explorer, and also Edge.

If you want the best price feasible on your following automobile, we market a superb an option of offered automobiles. Drop by ours lot at your convenience and one of our reps will job-related with you till you've found the car that meets all of your needs.

Quick and Easy Maintenance

One of our goals is come make sure that our customers always have dependable transportation, i beg your pardon is why we market a service team that can conveniently keep your automobile in pristine shape. Our technicians room Ford factory certified and trained and also know exactly how to organization every make and also model on ours lot.

We space your top source for regime automotive maintenance, such together oil changes, and also are also totally capable of help you through repairs to her vehicle's major systems. With help from ours team, you'll never need to worry around being without the well-performing car that you must enjoy your life.

In Tulsa, you'll find a vast array the dealerships you could visit for your following automobile, but none gives the exciting choice and 5-star organization that you'll enjoy at bill Knight Ford. We are honored to work with automobile shoppers native Owasso, Bixby, Jenks, and Broken Arrow, and our knowledgeable team can make finding your following Ford quick and easy. Visit united state today and we'll display you the ideal models on our lot and aid you choose the automobile that fits you.

Let Us market You a distinctive Experience

Shopping because that a car, truck, or SUV have the right to be an suffer that’s simply as frustrating as it is exciting sometimes. Make the efforts to discover the right auto on your own could lead to wasting time or settling for something much less than ideal. Terrific way to ensure friend don’t use up your precious totally free time simply to discover the right auto is through working with trust automobile dealerships in Tulsa, OK. If you occur to be looking for a trustworthy automotive source, climate you’ve come to the ideal people!

Bill knight Ford has helped countless civilization get behind the wheel the a car just best for your budget and lifestyle. Do you discover yourself searching for affordable alternatives due come your current spending limit? no to worry, because our Ford dealer near you offers reasonably priced vehicles and competitive prices. Once you visit our Bixby vehicle dealerships, friend won’t have to look an extremely hard to find a an excellent deal.

Our inventory functions hundreds of different vehicles as well, varying from pre-owned trucks to brand-new SUVs. Even those seeking environment-friendly hybrid dare will uncover suitable alternatives waiting because that them on our lot. In ~ minutes of arriving at our car lots in Owasso, you’re bound to uncover something that will capture your eye at a price it is too an excellent to pass up!

Find your Next new Ford

When you pick us as your Ford dealer close to you, you don’t just have actually a plethora that pre-owned vehicles at your disposal. Here at invoice Knight Ford, clients will be able to test drive and check out all the newest Ford trucks for sale in Tulsa, OK! Our large stock of 2020 models is sure to have actually a car that will catch your eye and meet your needs.

For example, the 2020 Ford Ranger is a great decision if you seeking a rugged mid-size pickup the looks great. In spite of its smaller sized size, you’ll uncover the Ranger has actually no problem being able come tow as much as an exceptional 7,500 lbs in details configurations. However, if you are seeking a little bit more capability, we also have the new Ford F-150 for sale as well. Through six various engines and also numerous trims available, you will do it be able to add your very own level the personalization to this iconic pickup.

If you’re in search of something ideal for commercial purposes, we’ll be able to put friend behind the wheel the Ford supervisor Duty because that sale! space you in the industry for a an ext family-oriented automobile with many of passenger space? In addition to all the newest pickups, we additionally have plenty of new Ford SUVs for sale close to you together well. The brand new Ford explorer is a an excellent example the a versatile and spacious SUV it is loaded v revolutionary technology.

Each the the new models at our auto dealerships in Tulsa, OK, attribute Ford Co-Pilot 360, which has a suite of modern technology to help you stay safe top top the road. If you have more questions around our new models or Ford auto finance, feel free to reach the end to united state today!

Our substantial Pre-Owned Inventory

When it pertains to trying come spend much less on your following car, pre-owned models are a clever move. Supplied trucks for sale not only offer a reduced initial price but likewise tend come be price less come insure. As a result, exploring one the our many used trucks for sale can end up paying turn off in the lengthy run! return you can be considering a provided vehicle, you might have part reservations due to past experiences or story from various other shoppers. It can feel risky come buy offered cars because that sale near you elsewhere, however not as soon as you come to Bill items Ford! our Ford dealership’s supplied trucks have all been given a rigorous powertrain inspection to certain they’re in working order and totally free of severe issues. However, a vehicle’s previous can also indicate troubles you may finish up encountering in the future together well. Because that this reason, fine make sure to give you a cost-free history report if you occur to take it an attention in a specific vehicle. Prior to you visit us, friend can additionally get background reports from our website on any type of of ours Bristow provided cars.

As well as trusted vehicles, client can also expect locally competitive rates. We’re proud to offer our clients in search of affordability above all rather a large array the vehicles for under $15,000 so the everyone shopping v us deserve to have options. Ours rotating used automobile specials room another great way to find deals, i beg your pardon is why that pays off to keep checking ago in through our website. In enhancement to a choice of standard used cars, we’re wonderful source because that certified pre-owned cars, trucks, and SUVs. This vehicles in ~ our Broken arrowhead used auto dealerships have actually been given particularly thorough multi-point inspection and have below 80,000 on their engines. In spite of looking and driving prefer new, you’ll discover that ours used vehicle dealers close to Pryor, OK, are giving these vehicles at a fraction of the cost of new models! even if it is you’re buying a supplied or certified pre-owned auto from us, it’s basic to find a good deal top top a solid auto with us.

Get the Financing friend Need

Are friend looking to job-related with people that will certainly make it basic to finance or gain a automobile lease in Tulsa? recognize a loan or getting great lease state can often be the most stressful and also time-consuming part of acquiring a car. Return this might be true, ours Ford dealership in Tulsa does everything it have the right to to minimization the problem you encounter. Ours team in our Ford Finance center has endure working with people from all sorts of various financial backgrounds. First, we’ll look in ~ your distinctive financial case to help devise personalized options that ideal suit you. Next, we’ll determine your eligibility for various deals and also offers with Ford motor Credit.

Before you take the plunge and also apply because that Ford Credit, feel free to shot out our digital payment calculator. Using this tool enables you to acquire an calculation of the monthly expenses you’d expect to pay as soon as financing any kind of vehicle through our Ford dealer close to you. In addition, you can apply for financing through Ford financial Services ideal from ours website in moment to conserve time and also encounter less paperwork as soon as you arrive. Have to trade in the car you at this time drive? Our professionals are likewise able come appraise her vehicle’s value before you also meet through our Ford dealers near you. By functioning to streamline the method our client lease and also finance vehicles, we finish up making their lives lot easier. For automobile dealerships in Tulsa, OK the can give you the options you deserve, save Bill knight in mind!

Service & OEM Parts

As your Oklahoma Ford dealers, you’ll uncover out easily that we’re much more than simply leaders in auto sales. Although we sell rather a few cars every year, numerous of our customers finish up return to take benefit of our Ford company Center. Whether your car isn’t starting or you’re just searching for truck equipment in Owasso, OK, we’re happy come help. Among the key reasons come visit us instead of an live independence mechanic is our dedication and experience. Each specialist in our service center has been trained to work on Ford vehicles by the manufacturer. Discovering this, you have the right to feel certain that we’re the right ar to come because that an oil readjust in Tulsa! carry out you discover yourself needing some significant repairs ~ an unfortunately accident? In enhancement to being able to handle routine maintenance, we’re house to a state that the arts Ford Collision Center. From regime Ford service in Tulsa to substantial repairs, no project is too large or tiny for our skilled technicians. If we do ever before need to adjust a component under the hood, we also make sure to use just genuine Ford van parts. Our OEM Ford components in Oklahoma room ordered directly from the manufacturer and can be choose up native our location at a time that’s practically for you! since your automobile is a lifeline and also a considerable investment, why gamble v any resource for Tulsa Ford repair? when you want a project done ideal the very first time, make certain you lug your vehicle to us!

Finally, those searching for trustworthy automobile dealerships in Tulsa, OK, can finish their search! bill Knight has actually been a name world associate with excellence for many years. With numerous satisfied clients left in our week, you can feel i was sure you’re selecting the best Ford dealer close to you. If you happen to be handling a hectic schedule that eats away at most of your time, you will do it be happy to recognize we market flexible hours. Both our company centers and also car dealerships in Tulsa, OK, operate Mondays through Saturdays with lengthy weekend hours. However, you have the right to feel cost-free to browser our online inventory or send us a blog post day or night. When you’re all set to discover the difference using an knowledgeable and dedicated dealer have the right to make, it’s a smart move to pick Bill article Ford! girlfriend can discover our Ford dealer close to you located at 9607 S. Memorial, Tulsa, yes sir 74133.

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