Blair’s Mega fatality Sauce is a sauce v very specific instructions top top the label – which i whole-heartedly agree with: no RECOMMENDED FOR use WITHOUT DILUTION. If friend don’t wanna burn off her vocal chords and also be angry at yourself for many of the day for trying a few too plenty of drops, then tow that line tightly. Mega death packs a very powerful punch with a delayed burn. But there’s a few flavor twists follow me the way? just how does it every balance out and also how have the right to you also use this stuff? we cover it every below.

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The ingredient perform of Blair’s Mega fatality doesn’t seem too many daunting. It consists of: habanero peppers, cayenne peppers, pepper extract, vinegar, salt, molasses, water, fresh ginger, new guava, starch, xanthan gum, spices, and ascorbic acid. Habanero peppers are certainly hot, but they can’t comprise the 550,000 Scoville warmth units Mega fatality delivers. No, it’s that infamous “pepper extract” that drops the hammer here – pure heat. The habaneros merely support the spiciness and add a delicious sweet peppery taste.

But what’s how amazing is over there is a real interesting flavor that Blair’s Mega fatality Sauce. That’s not constantly the situation with super-hot hot sauces. The sweeter next of the fresh habanero peppers shines unique alongside molasses (which you can smell ~ above opening). And also then you endure a unique ginger warmth and also a note of dry guava sweetness before things gain sweltering. It’s a actual inviting liquid death trap. Blair’s Mega fatality has a real amazing flavor profile when it’s diluted. You’ll have the ability to notice more than just the burning rage when it’s mellowed out in a liquid base.

Note: Some discovered that the ginger flavor to be too strong in the initial recipe, yet Blairs has since readjusted their recipe as of in march 2020. The touch that ginger in this is the perfect lot In my opinion.


Heat Balance:

As mentioned, the pepper extract in this is what will certainly really leaving you burn here. It instantly runs to the ago of your throat and latches on. If this sauce is no diluted, every you’ll taste is heat and very small flavor. It’s that hot. 550,000 Scoville heat units sits appropriate in the center of eating the hottest possible common orange habanero (350,000 SHU) or the mildest feasible ghost pepper (roughly 800,000 SHU).

This isn’t a sauce because that the timid.

A teaspoon or 2 in a liquid base is the means to balance this out and also bring out several of the more unique seasonings of the sauce.

Granted, It’s not easy to find the balance v this kind of warm when mixing it into an additional sauce. It’ll take it a small experimentation. Walk a few drops at a time and also increase indigenous there.


This is good in a tomato base which help tone down the as whole pepper and also heat that this sauce, too as, provides an awesome hot wing sauce. Again, never used solo, however when blended with a buffalo sauce, this yes, really adds a sweet tangy bite on wings which I fell in love with. Ns really think girlfriend could add this kind to any base as long as you choose peppery and also don’t mental a little ginger tang. Too much hot sauce lovers will find ways to usage this, but for anyone who doesn’t like too much heat, they need to obviously stop this sauce and use miscellaneous a small friendlier.

Blair’s Mega death is ~ above the thinner side consistency-wise, however it luckily doesn’t come running out of the bottle, because seriously that would certainly be a fatality wish.

This must be maintained with your other USE v CAUTION sauces and also possibly locked in a room so nobody ends up receiving an surprised “death wish” native the serious warmth this brings. Ns guess I could use the phrase, “You much better come correct” as soon as you mess v sauce.


This bottle screams fatality with it’s skull on fire label, which is the perfect artful expression when it involves the heat this sauce packs. The will definitely make friend feel together though you’ve to be hiding in the darkness and also are just now see the light. To acquire that emotion you should be dumb favor me and shot too much, then be mad at you yourself for trying also much, climate realize you survived which will certainly inevitably make you feel an ext alive 보다 you did before you tried Blair’s fatality Wish.

Blair’s Mega fatality Hot Sauce is a must-buy for any hot sauce collectors because that the packaging and also the extreme heat (with flavor) it delivers. A little goes a long means here which is more than likely why they refer to it as “liquid rage.” This sauce has actually an angry side i m sorry is funny to experiment with, as lengthy as you’re all set for the show.

The Score:

Blair’s Mega fatality Sauce is not one for the timid. It’s a huge super-hot spiciness, but there’s sneaky flavor right here when provided with care. A couple of drops will perform for most use cases. The packaging and design are fun and also super-collectible.

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Overall Flavor3.5
Heat Balance4
Based on a range from 1 (lowest) come 5 (highest)
UPDATE NOTICE: This post was update on June 14, 2020 to include brand-new content. That was originally published on June 2, 2020.