"Ima Monster (Heart On mine Sleeve)"10987654321LET'S GOOOOOO.OH NOOOO.Can't prevent the tickles.They call me Dr. Giggles.It's o-o-o-off the chizzleFo' shizzle dizzleI'm bangin' v the b-o-t-o-dizzleWith wiffles'Cause ns dribble choose I'm rubbing on nipples.Gotta gain out the pickleMake that rain v the ripples.Let my, liquid rum trickleGet friend buzzed with twin triples.Getting head, in rentalsAvoiding the parentals.This is ghetto, plain and simpleWith the down beat tempo.Oh, no!They be hatin' us.'Cause we're glamorous.They be hatin' us.'Cause I'm fabulous.Can't avoid me when I've started,Baby, got me retarded.Don't phunk-phunk-phunk-phunnnkWith my heart.LET'S GOOOOO.Chop, chop, chop you up.I'm a monster, (hah, hah hah)Eat you like a cannibal,Spit friend out favor an animal. Slice, slice, slice you up.I'm a monster, (hah, hah hah)Cut girlfriend up, I'll slice and diceServe girlfriend up as cold as ice.

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Go 'head girl, shake that butt.Make me freakin' bust a nut!Crank the music, bust it up.Let's obtain wasted, super UHN.Guess what, honey. I'm a freak.I'm a freak inside the sheets.Rough, tough, naughty nurse.Rip the up, currently make it hurt.Don't stop, acquire it, obtain it!Last for hours, not for minutes.Open wide for mine surprise,Scratch and also blow because that your cool prize.Smear that on your plastic face,Leave you through a sweeter taste.Super soaker on your chest,Let it drip down on her breasts.LET'S GOOOOOO!Haateers make me faaaamous

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i let go this shit sm

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GO 'HEAD GIRL SHAKE the BUTT, make ME FREAKIN BUST A NUT, CRANK the MUSIC BUST that UP, LETS gain WASTED supervisor UHH, assumption: v WHAT HONEY im A FREAK, ns A FREAK within THE SHEETS, ROUGH, challenging NAUGHTY NURSE, RIP the UP currently MAKE it HURT, not STOP gain IT gain IT! last FOR hours NOT because that MINUTES, OPEN large FOR my SURPRISE, SCRATCH and also BLOW because that YOUR cool PRIZE, SMEAR it ON her PLASTIC FACE, leaving YOU v A SWEETER TASTE, super SOAKER ON your CHEST, LET that DRIP under ON your BREAST.

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again, ass

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