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Hey what the is babyAye me and also you been together for part time nowAnd I simply wanna allow you know that i love girlfriend so much so muchMe without you is choose it"s choose tha sun without the moonIt"s like it"s prefer me there is no musicWithout friend there"s no meAye ns can"t continue this journey of life without youAnd I simply sayI just wanna permit you know tha ns love girlfriend so much and I placed nothin above youAye simply listen upAye an initial thang an initial girl ns love you and you recognize I gotta have actually you I have the right to neva move on neva be there is no you cause you there is no me that deserve to neva be best girl the seem wrong friend the one that I desire my essential needThe one that I provide my heart to and also that I care for journey or die v the thick and also thin be here to the finish you the only woman the I"m over there forBack once we an initial met ns knew that it was true love from the get goAll the females I had I allow em" go i ain"t even tryna live the life no moreIf I got you that"s all I require girl you appropriate for me girl I"m so finish girlWhat you need I carry out anything girl you space my queen girl (you you room my queen girl)You the left to my right you the dark to my irradiate you the only one the I want in my lifeI can see me and also you simply right be beloved i can even see girlfriend bein mine wifeYou obtained my heart on lockYeah ns love you girl yeah ns love friend girl ha haNow infant I currently baby i love girlfriend (baby ns love you) more than native can describe I recognize you love me the same and no i ain"t runnin gameNow baby i love girlfriend (baby i love you)I recognize that your best for me and also baby your all I need you love is secure through meNow baby i love friend (baby i love you) now baby i love friend (now baby i love you) nowBaby i love you (now baby ns love you) i loveYou (I love you) ns love girlfriend (I love you)You the one the I require in mine lifeYou the one that i wanna do my wifeYou the one the I organize real tightKiss v the nightMake love come you rightBaby girl ns neva execute you wrongI wanna hear your voice every day through the phoneI wanna make large plans in life be together for life and build you a real nice homeI wish you can see what i see cause without friend girl I"m incompleteIt"s favor me and you was produced each othaGot love because that each othaWe was made for each othaAnd can"t nothin neva pull united state apartCause every work girl girlfriend runnin with my heartI want you, I require you, girl her heart is secure through meNow I can not take care of the truth that you wanna leaving meAnd I can not take care of it the you don"t wanna be through meBut I"m a store tryin reason I can"t let friend goCause I require you right alongside me and I recognize for shoCause baby i L. O. V. E youBaby ns L. O. V. E youCause baby ns L. O. V. E youI love you, i love youBaby i love friend (baby ns love you) Baby i L. O. V. E you<2x>Cause baby ns L. O. V. E youI love you, ns love youNow infant I now baby ns love girlfriend