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Ooooooooooooo....killa If you"re under to glide and slide on the Clair, then let"s rideTony ton roll through Bone on the dark sideBut once you come just lug your guns witchaIf your a busta niggas gone have actually fun witchaSo nigga don"t acquire me wrong, mine niggasSwang lock thangs, bang some brainsSlangin" yayo, the all continues to be the sameStep and also you"ll catch some buck shotsMurder one top top the Clair mine glock glockMo thugs what"s up nigga get droppedPut "em in the mud, pop and also I can"t stop nowNigga that ns thug wit" killPop to tha chest just how does that feelAnd nigga us peel capsPap, to the right to acquire your wig cracked backKillin" I"m buckin em down, i wish ya wouldTry to obtain some, redrum, bitchNigga don"t check my hoodA an initial degree murderin" wig splitta, grave diggaDiggin" a ditch, puttin" a bitchAnd lock snitches in the pit, so don"t f*ck withThem niggas off the 9 9The foundation of niggas commitin" a crime is murderin" every timeNigga beware "cause here come the ClairMobbin" choose them soldiersWatch me fold yaFor actin" favor somebody never ever told yaSo off us go, come the bloody rowTryin" to blood part souls, v that nine shotGivin" props to the double glockPump pump as soon as I let my shell downHit a nick nack gimmee the goodies and nigga me dashYa reach for the gauge and also mashYell the end 187 and also blastNigga don"t check nuts her luck"s fuckedYou feelin" up right for the bone yardThuggin" off with the graveyard shiftThen comin" up blow your totality card, bitchScandalous niggas, dwellin" the Clair it is in servin" castle chop chop"sWe rippin" lock guts v buck shotz, popular music popYou much better be ready for this thug styleKrayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Flesh v them evil nowWe straight up the glock glockWell don"t acquire your wig"s split nowEast 99 monitor me under the piece as we trip to the darksideBetta grab her pop, niggas beTrippin" and also flippin" as quickly they acquire out187 you"re captured in a murderNiggas as much as no goodUh oh, f*ck noThey never might f*ck with a thug hoPop pop givin increase shotz to tha twin glock glock Nuthin yet them killas, directly up thuggasRippin bucks increase bloody clothesGaugin" bloody clock this nickle trippin" shot and also f*ck "em downBuckin" castle coppas downRound after round after roundBloody bodies badges spread out on the groundAin"t no sound, simply them demons screamin" remainder in peaceI assumption: v you obtained ta sufferReady come pip hollow point tip, obtained your wig splitThey made her bodyOnce you hunt my victims on a missionFlippin" livin" on a darker sideCreepin" on her homicideLet my nuts and also my gauge cave low now walk top top by,Boogie Nikke"s top top a night rideThuggin v my thuggish ass hood in ~ night, through my pipeThuggin down the double glockTryin" to gain my offer onWatchin" my earlier while six-five try to role onBut one come the suckas head and two increase in his bodyNow peep my creep i eat the reefer smoke all up within meWe jumpin" up unstable from the hoodWe bailin" us thuggin" we lookin" favor crooksCould tell us be fatal, ready to rollKnow us willing and also ableRollin" through Ruthless bitch betta examine my labelMurda dem, never come againWhen the scandalous niggas collection upBloody nigga trues it is in on my levelEighty eight and ten five is the soldiers ghettoNigga don"t take it the wrong turn Or girlfriend will go into the hood and were spittin for this reason cover your domeAt a cut where the thugs and hustlas roamCleveland BrownsDogg pound hoes, it"s onLet"s begin in the mix, that a Clair playerYou"re liable to gain your wigs split and also dumped in a ditch bitchCause lock thugs, sendin" them slugsLeavin" em off in the reduced in a puddle of blood say whatDon"t do me go in my trenchNigga ya obtained me bentAll fucked up,your luck"s up, girlfriend gotta acquire sentTo her gravesite as man Doe because that fuckin wit those...It"s castle thugs runnin" amuck, on none yet a slug all up in the territoryNever divide, go nationwide through the buck buckSo wherein you at where you atI"m strapped and also ready ta snap n yank a nigga"s neck backPuttin em Koolaid hatsIn ta the graveyardPumped up betta acquire downThugs"ll be glad ta tear aroundFoe sombody gets fuckedYa quiet don"t want some bitch however what the muthafuck ns wannaWham ya wit a tec-9Now bitch push yo luckPop popular music givin up shotz come tha dual glock glock

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Written by: ANTHONY HENDERSON, BRYON MCCANE, CHARLES SCRUGGS, KENNY MCCLOUD, STANLEY HOWSE, STEVEN HOWSE, TIM MIDDLETON, TONY COWAN, Christopher Jasper, Ernest Isley, Marvin Isley, O"Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley, Unknown Splits