It"s Halloween, and we"ve invested the past few weeks giving you numerous options to get in the holiday spirit. Currently that the large weekend is finally here, here are a couple of final occasions worth attending, spooky and otherwise.

Music and also comedy events offer some non-Halloween points to do. Friend can record Lil infant or Sylvan Esso in concert, or experience Nate Bargatze"s comedy set. Chris Coles will meld spoken word and also music for a unique performance.

It"s her last possibility to experience Halloween occasions at the Columbus Zoo and also Zoombezi Bay, and also the Franklin Park Conservatory and Ohio Village. And you deserve to see the classic scary movie, "Psycho," as Gateway Film facility concludes "Hitchcocktober."

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Now for this weekend"s ideal bets

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Lil infant to visit Columbus

Twenty-six-year-old Atlanta rapper Lil Baby has been everywhere because he popped top top the musical step in 2017. ~ above Oct. 28, he will be in Columbus, wherein his “Boo Bash” will crank increase the volume in ~ 7 p.m. In Value City Arena, east Lane Avenue and Olentangy flow Road. Expect plenty of spectacle and costumes transforms in a show whose pair themes space sex and money. Despite the supporting lineup has been an altering throughout his tour, that looks most likely to encompass Gunna, Mooski, 42 Dugg and Morray. Masks are required. Tickets cost $52 to $202. (614-688-3939, 

Nate Bargatze, The Tennessee Kid 

Comedian-actor Nate Bargatze, a Tennessee indigenous known because that his clean and relatable stand-up act, has showed up 10 times on “The Tonight present Starring Jimmy Fallon,” performed two Netflix specials “The Tennessee Kid” and also “The greatest Average American,” master a weekly “Nateland” podcast (drawing motivation from “Seinfeld” together a podcast “about nothing”) and also performed an ext than five times because that U.S. Troops. Bargatze will appear at 7 and also 9:30 p.m. Oct. 29 at the palace Theatre, 34 W. Vast St. Masks and proof of vaccination or an unfavorable COVID test required. Tickets cost $39.75 to $159.75 at CBUSArts Ticket facility (614-469-0939, 

New Ember play around life changes 

Ember Women’s Theatre will present the civilization premiere that “Life Alert,” kris Sherman’s two-act play about a happily married retirement teacher eager to restart her playwriting career as soon as her mother has actually a suddenly fall and must come to live with her and also her husband ~ above Manhattan’s top West Side. Performances, directed by Michelle Batt, space at 8 p.m. Oct. 29-30, Nov. 5-6 and also Nov. 12-13 at MadLab Theatre, 227 N. 3rd St. Masks and proof of inoculation or an adverse COVID test required. Tickets price $20. (614-780-3070, 

Sylvan Esso do a stop at express Live

Sylvan Esso, an digital pop duo composed of vocalist Amelia Meath and instrumentalist Nick Sanborn, will certainly be showcasing a long-awaited live performance of your 2020 album “Free Love” in ~ 7 p.m. Nov. 3 at Express Live, 405 Neil Ave. As fascinating lyrically as they space intriguing visually, the two relocate smoothly in between bright, danceable tunes and quieter, more meditative numbers. COVID vaccination and also masks are required. Tickets price $29.50. (614-461-5483, 

Last call for ZOMBIEzi Bay, zoo thrills

Whether you choose your Halloween hauntings mild or wild, this weekend will certainly be your last chance for scary fun at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and surrounding Zoombezi bay in 2021. Households with preteens deserve to head to Boo at the Zoo, where costumed kids can follow treat trails, tour Frogwartz Academy and also take a Halloween train ride. Daring teens and adults have the right to make their method next door to the new ZOMBIEzi Bay haunted attraction, where 4 haunted houses and also two “scare zones” await guests, if the more scare-averse deserve to samples “Brews and Bites” in a beer tasting and food festival. Visit websites for ticket prices (,

Haunted homes gearing up because that weekend

If you"ve delayed obtaining your haunted home fix this year, girlfriend still have plenty of chances for thrills and also chills this weekend and also maybe following weekend as well. Are afraid Columbus and also Carnage Haunted house both offer twin doses the haunted home excitement, and also those that can"t get sufficient of either can return the an initial weekend that November to tour the haunted residences with no lights, no guide and a single glowstick to light the way. The Haunted farm yard in Pleasantville will also stretch the scares into the an initial weekend in November, while the Pataskala Haunted Forest and Dead Acres and also Haunted Hoochie will certainly shut their gateways for the season in ~ the finish of October. (For details, visit and also search haunted houses)

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‘Psycho’ all weekend long

To wrap increase its monthlong “Hitchcocktober” collection of movies directed by the master of Suspense, the Gateway film Center, 1550 N. High St., will existing multiple screenings the Alfred Hitchcock’s standard 1960 thriller “Psycho,” including two showings top top Halloween. The film, staring Janet Leigh as Marion, Crane, a woman that ill-advisedly publications a room in a motel run by Norman Bates (Anthony Perkins), will be presented at 7 p.m. Oct. 28 and 2 and 7 p.m. Oct. 29-31. Masks room required. Tickets cost $12. (

‘Chris Coles’ ripe Live Project’ 

In a presentation by the Jazz art Group, Cleveland-born saxophonist, composer and educator chris Coles will usage jazz, talked word and movement come reflect top top the 2015 shooting at the Emanuel afri Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, south Carolina, which take it the resides of nine. The concert will certainly be hosted at 8 p.m. Oct. 28 in ~ the Lincoln Theatre, 769 E. Long St. And also will also be livestreamed at Masks and proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 check required. In-person tickets expense $22.50 and livestreaming tickets price $10. (

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All Hallows’ night on Halloween Eve 

Before girlfriend celebrate Halloween in 2021, find out what the holiday was like in 1890s-era Ohio: from 5:30 come 9:30 p.m. ~ above Oct. 30, Ohio town at the Ohio history Connection, federal government 71 and also East 17th Avenue, will certainly host an event recreating all Hallows’ Eve as it existed 120 years ago. Activities include pumpkin-carving, handmade stations because that children and also a telling of “The Legend the Sleepy Hollow.” Masks are compelled for all people indoors but are not required outside. Tickets expense $16, or $12 for period 4 to 12, free for age 3 and also younger. ( 

‘Pumpkins Aglow’ concludes 

This is the last weekend because that Pumpkins Aglow at the Franklin Park Conservatory and also Botanical Gardens, 1777 E. Wide St. Native 5 come 9 p.m. On Oct. 28-31, guests deserve to take one critical gander at an ext than 1,000 jack-o-lanterns scattered transparent the grounds of the conservatory. Masks are compelled for all individuals indoors and also for unvaccinated individuals both indoors and outside. Tickets cost $22, or $19 for an elderly citizens or university students, $12 for ages 3 come 12, cost-free for age 2 and also younger. (